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How to Get Airfare Discounts

How to Get Airfare Discounts

All discounts are welcome, including airfare discounts. If you get lucky, you can avail yourself of multiple discounts in one ticket. It’s common knowledge that you can take advantage of the discounts that are commonly given. Like other companies, airlines offer discounts for active duty military personnel, seniors who are 65 years old and older, infants, and children. Some airlines offer discounts to students and teachers as well. If needed, read the fine print on airline websites or call them to ask about their existing discounts. Here are more techniques on how to get airfare discounts.

  1. Group discounts

    Most travel logistics, such as hotel stays and boat rides, are cheaper when you are travelling with a group. Check to see if the airline offers a discount for groups; this is sometimes available for big groups that buy tickets in bulk. Group coupons are also available in group discount sites that require a minimum number of tickets to be purchased. Travel agencies also offer discounted package deals.

    Even if you don’t need the hotel and the other extras, you can take advantage of the deal and not use the extras.

  2. Request for a discount from the airline

    There are some instances when you have to fly urgently due to sickness or death of a loved one or the birth of a child. Since these are last-minute flights, you will be faced with expensive ticket prices. Call the airline to see if they will give you a “compassion discount” for these reasons. Be prepared to show proof of your claim of emergency.

    Another situation where you can ask for an airline discount is when you purchased your ticket in advance. Weeks after, you are surprised to see that the fare being offered by the same airline is lower for the same flight. Depending on the policy of the airline, they can give you a voucher where your next flight will be discounted.

  3. Consider purchasing an air pass or around-the-world ticket

    Some airlines offer an air pass to encourage tourism to their country. If you fly to one country often, whether for business or vacation, check to see if the airline has the air pass option. These tickets are often cheaper than regular tickets. Make sure to read the conditions to see if you are eligible. Some air pass options cover multiple countries in one continent.

    For those who plan to travel to multiple parts on the globe, around-the-world tickets provide point-to-point flights that are cheaper than regular flights. These tickets are for travels to multiple continents. When you compare flight prices, consider how long you would like to stay in one place before flying to the next.

  4. Utilize promo codes

    It’s very easy to get promo codes for airlines; all you have to do is google “(name of airline) promo code.” Once you get the available promos, compare the prices. Go to the airline website and enter the promo code before purchasing the ticket. This is a quick way to obtain a discount.

  5. Consider consolidator fares

    If you’re planning to fly internationally, consolidator fares offer big discounts compared to normal fares. A consolidator is a company that buys tickets from airlines in bulk and sells them again with attractive discounts. This is a viable option for you if your flight dates are flexible. Be sure to ask about the restrictions that come with the discount.

  6. Snap up last-minute discounts

    There are some instances when an airline announces discounted tickets for upcoming flights one day or hours before the flight time. This is because the airline wants to fill seats and is hoping to attract passengers that can fly anytime. This is a good deal for those who need to fly immediately due to an emergency or other reason.

Some of these tips on how to get airfare discounts may not be readily available or publicly broadcasted. This article aims to inform you so that you can take advantage of them when the airlines do not offer them proactively.


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