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how to get auto insurance

how to get auto insurance

Reports are saying that after investing on a good house and lot, the second biggest investment that a given family can get into is to buy a car. While planning to buy a car, the aspect about car insurance must likewise be seriously considered. But are you familiar with the process of how to get auto insurance? If your answer is in the negative, then just continue reading. In legal parlance, insurance is a risk-distributing device primarily designed to compensate unexpected losses caused by any of the risks insured against. Equitably, in property insurance the risk of loss is thereby shifted to another entity, called the insurer, provided the property owner, called the beneficiary, pays the required and agreed amount of premium. The insurer refers to any company specializing into different insurances such as life insurance, health insurance, or property insurance. For purposes of discussing auto insurance, which is essentially a kind of property insurance, the car owner is the policy holder and at the same time the beneficiary. Technically, the one insured is the car itself and not the car owner.

Here are the basic points you need to understand at this time.

  1. Look for a trustworthy insurance company. There may be a number of insurance entities in your locality which you can visit. In case it is your first time to apply for auto insurance, you better research first which company you should be checking on. Ask around which one is doing really good in your community in terms of paying compensation to their policy holders.

    If you already have an existing policy in one insurance firm, then settle for that firm again for your next auto insurance. Doing so will entail lesser work on your part because you will be dealing with just one company. The jackpot there is you can ask for a discounted amount of the premium due once they find you as loyal and good-paying client.

  2. Compare the rates of the insurance companies in your area. Rates may vary. In case you are a little troubled about this aspect, you can engage the services of an independent agent to determine the available quotes for you. You can also find similar services online.

  3. Ask for discounts. Know that a few things in your car can help you ask for a discount with the insurance company. These are anti-lock brakes, updated anti-theft security devices, marital status, seat belts that are in good condition, an outstanding driving record and multiple car insurance policies.

  4. Read the provision of the policy before you sign it. It is an elementary rule concerning insurance that the applicant is supposed to read the contents and provisions of the policy before consummating the contract. Every auto insurance policy is a valid contract in itself, technically termed as contract of adhesion. This kind of contract requires your signature if you adhere to the terms provided, but if not then just leave it.

    However, if you can possibly ask for the amendment of the terms of the policy, like the incorporation thereto of your own terms or the deletion of some provision that you think is an ill-fit for you, go for it. To be certain with what you are going through, you should ask the help of a lawyer specializing in commercial laws, particularly on insurance. That will make you feel more confident that you are on the right track.

Generally, in auto insurance the most common types of risks insured against are fire, burglary, TPL or third party liability, and any weather damage of similar nature, except with certain damages caused by caso fortuito or force majeure also known as act of God. Incidents considered fortuitous refer to natural perils, such as nuclear incident, natural lightning, strong floods, earthquakes, war and terroristic attacks. All it takes is careful reading for you to know the details on how to get auto insurance for your newly acquired car. Most of the jurisdictions all over the world today opted to make it mandatory for vehicle owners to secure auto insurance, or proper insurance for that matter. This is for the benefit of the car owners themselves and the protection of their treasured properties.


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