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how to get back with your ex-boyfriend

how to get back with your ex-boyfriend how to get back with your ex-boyfriend

There are pretty good reasons why romantic relationships end, but the right reasons are crucial if you want your ex-boyfriend back. If it has something to do with pride, competition, or dependency, better learn to survive independently first. When you’ve done this with flying colors, ask yourself again if you still want him back. How to get back with your ex-boyfriend must not be done impulsively. Try the following techniques:

  1. Pick up the pieces of your life again just like you were before you met him. You must be a very desirable person to be able to attract him in the first place. Do not be bitter with what happened. Instead, make this as a learning curve for both of you. Being so mature about it will make him realize that he was letting go of a very valuable person.

  2. Be active with social activities, not just because you want to be seen by him, but because you really have genuine interests in them. Your life will continue even without him in your life. Make new friends and acquaintances.

    If he still feels for you, he will be very curious about what’s going on in your life and will find a way to be part of it.

  3. You have a clear advantage when it comes to knowing what he likes or not. Do not waste any opportunity when you’re around him. Look your best as he always liked you in the past. At his slightest move to touch base with you, suggest revisiting the places you both enjoyed for old time’s sake.

  4. Never force yourself on him if he doesn’t want to have anything to do with you anymore. He must care for you still to make the getting back together efforts worthwhile. What benefit can you get if your boyfriend will just take advantage of your undying love for him?

  5. Do not make attempts to make contact with him during the first few weeks after the breakup. Wait for him to do that. If it has been a month and you have not heard from him, discretely find out what’s going on in his life. You can make those details as reasons for you to give him a phone call to congratulate him, for example, for getting that job promotion he has been aiming for.

  6. Do not interfere when your ex-boyfriend is already having a new relationship. Sending him messages telling him that you still miss him can make you look cheap. It is acceptable asking him once in a while how’s he’s doing, but if you can’t sense any warm responses from him, you better move on.

  7. When you find an opportunity to talk to him exclusively, be honest with your feelings without being emotional. But be ready for negative responses also. Use this as a chance to know yourself better from a person who used to be on the receiving end. Do not expect too much, but have the sincere intentions to remain friends regardless of his decision.

  8. Look good by keeping fit, enthusiastic, and hygienic. Superficial things like wearing too much makeup and using revealing clothes will not make a good impression of you. Let it come from the inside so that you will glow with a positive aura.

How to get back with your ex-boyfriend will not be impossible if you are meant for each other. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Acceptance is the key to be able to move on faster than you think.


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