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how to get back your ex

how to get back your ex

Love is a precious gift which you must not lose so easily. Never allow the love of your life to leave you. Give your best to win your partner back. In love, you cannot play games nor should you be doing things based on lies. You may find it a little difficult on how to get back your ex. However, for as long as you are sincere in your intentions, things will turn out just right in the long run. Below are the steps you must follow in order to get back your ex successfully. Just don’t overdo it and avoid messing around.

  1. Calm down your emotions. After a break up, the most basic thing you should do is regain emotional balance. If not, you will be acting impulsively while your emotions are still very intense. If you are unable to manage your emotions, you will find it hard to go through the process of reconciliation.

    Find out if your ex is still interested. Before attempting to reconcile with your ex, assess first the cause or causes of the break up.

    If your ex found someone else better than you, then it may be time for you to let go and finally move on. However, if the reasons for the break up were a mere series of misunderstandings or character differences, these are factors that can be addressed and talked about carefully.

  2. Prepare your opening statement. Invite your ex on a date so both of you can talk freely. Your first words are extremely important in your attempt to get back your ex. If you do it the wrong way, it may only worsen the situation. But, if you say it right, you have high chances of regaining your ex.

    Opening statement like “ I've been thinking about this lately and I realized that things are no longer good since you left” is recommended. Look at your ex right in the eyes and say “How are you? I missed you dearly.” Be honest in every statement that you make. Your ex can feel your sincerity.

  3. Bring something special for your ex. Try to recall what was the first present you gave her – three roses, a teddy bear, a bunch of flowers, or chocolates? There are people who find it sweet to receive a gift that carries a lot of good memories. Your ex will likely appreciate your gesture. She may be reminded of your happy moments together. Put a note saying “I missed you and I always will.”

  4. Apologize. Try to remember what exactly you did or didn’t do that aggravated the downfall of your love affair. If you believe you are at fault, clean the slate by asking for forgiveness. Take full responsibility for the wrong that you have done, without blaming your ex nor anyone around you. If there are other people involved in your failed relationship, you cannot apologize for them.

As long as there is still love and affection, couples can still reconcile and work out their differences. Always cling to the saying that love is sweeter the second time around. Pride and arrogance should be eliminated while you are on the process of getting back your ex. Although there are no standard rules when it comes to loving a person, you can still apply the tips above on how to get back your ex. Prove your dedication to your partner without necessarily making yourself look very desperate. Once you make promises, make sure that they are not meant to be broken. Remember, you are asking for a second chance, and so, you should be real enough with your promises.


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