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How to Get Bigger Breast Naturally Fast

How to Get Bigger Breast Naturally Fast

Going under the knife is not the only option when it comes to considering how to get bigger breast naturally fast. There are other non-invasive, economical ways to boost your bust and your sex appeal.

  1. Develop your pectoral muscles so you naturally boost your chest. One way is by doing push-ups and dumbbell lifts. If you're a beginner at push-ups, start with a modified version, where both knees are on the floor. Alternatively, you can simply do a wall press, where you push against a wall while standing up, with your feet shoulder width apart and about a foot away from the wall. Think of it as doing push-ups while standing up.

  2. Try this dumbbell exercise: Hold the weights, one in each hand, as if you're resting your hands on your thighs. Then, with both arms slightly bent and your wrists straight, lift the dumbbells until they are above your head and lower them back down.

  3. If you're underweight, it would make sense to gain some extra pounds as your breasts are bound to increase in size.

    After all, your breasts are mostly composed of fat tissues.

  4. Consume foods rich in estrogen, which is the female hormone that influences breast size. You can enhance your estrogen levels by eating fenugreek seeds, lentils and chickpeas, dairy products, wild yam, blessed thistle, and spices like clover, sage, and oregano. You can also take herbal supplements containing estrogen-rich ingredients.

  5. One of the quickest ways to boost your chest size is with a cleavage-boosting bra. Just make sure that you get the right size. Too big and it will hang loosely and look bad. Too small and you fail to maximize the bra's capacity to make your boobs look bigger. After putting one on, bend forward and allow each breast to fill in each cup completely. You may need to shake your torso a bit to achieve this. Then, stand back up and adjust your bra a bit so it fits comfortably.

  6. Avoid stuffing your bra with tissues or some other padding, as these do not adapt to the natural shape of your breasts and may look odd. Instead, get bras that have built-in padding for added lift.

  7. Can't wait to gain weight or develop your pectoral muscles? Consider using makeup to give the illusion of bigger breasts. First, put some dark powder or bronzer in between your breasts where your cleavage is. Brush the color up and outward so you make a V-shape in between your breasts, following their natural curve. Then, with a lighter color, be it eyeshadow or face powder, brush some on the top half of each breast. Peach or gold would be suitable, depending on your skin tone. Blend well with a sponge for a more natural-looking result.

    from the side. Your shoulders should be held back and down; your chin should not press into your neck but be level or parallel to your collarbone.
  8. Wear clothes that give the illusion of a bigger bust, such as tops with horizontal stripes or dresses with a light-colored upper half and a dark colored lower portion.

There are so many ways how to get bigger breast naturally fast; which one will you try?


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