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how to get car insurance without a license

how to get car insurance without a license how to get car insurance without a license

You can just buy a vehicle without a driver’s license, but what about car insurance? It’s a little tricky, but it can be done for various circumstances. How to get car insurance without a license can sometimes happen even if you’ve been driving all of your adult life with a valid license. It’s always helpful to know how to handle things before they happen. This will save you from worrying when you know that that there are alternative documents in lieu of the driver’s license for an insurance application. Note the following situations:

  1. Get quotes from insurance companies where you already have previous records so that they will not be too strict with the requirements when obtaining a new insurance policy for your car. Some insurers will assume that you must have a driver’s license already to be able to drive and own a car. They may require other proofs of identification such as a passport, company ID, and Social Security number.

  2. There are companies that will insist on copying your driver’s license before activating your car insurance policy.

    r driver’s license was revoked because of a driving offense, the insurer is normally lenient in giving you time to get your license back. It’s normally between 30 to 45 days’ allowance, or your insurance policy will be deactivated for failure to comply. You can show the ticket that the arresting officer gave you to prove that your driver’s license was indeed revoked.

  3. If it’s your first time to get a driver’s license because you’ve just reached the legal age to drive, a student’s or driver’s permit can be used for the coverage while going through the testing process. You then need to update the insurance company when your driver’s license is released after passing the driving test to continue the car insurance coverage to its full term.

  4. When your driver’s license was suspended because you failed to show proof of your car insurance policy because you didn’t have one, you definitely have to buy car insurance without your driver’s license to gain back your rights to drive. There are insurance policies specifically designed for this so there’s no harm in inquiring to obtain one. Once you have a valid car insurance policy already and have paid the fine for the offense, you can obtain your driver’s license and be allowed to drive.

  5. You may be issued a temporary car insurance policy when you have a pending case in court for a driving offense even without a driver’s license. Make sure to update the issuing insurance company when you finally receive your license returned. This is to make sure that prior to the expiration of your temporary insurance you are already knowledgeable about how to acquire a full-term, car insurance policy that will be favorable to you.

How to get car insurance without a license is not an act of fraud. It really depends on the insurance companies’ corporate laws and regulations to issue one or not. You just have to find an insurance company that will cater to your dilemma. It’s not that difficult because the insurance industry is aware that these things happen. Besides, they have imposed protective measures that will not implicate them should you perform irresponsible acts while under their coverage. In any case, never drive without a valid driver’s license and without a car insurance that will protect you from heavy financial costs that can happen accidentally.


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