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How to Get CPR and First Aid Certificate

How to Get CPR and First Aid Certificate

In order to save the lives of those around you in case of medical emergency, you should learn how get a CPR and first aid certificate. Today, there are different ways for you to become a certified CPR and First Aid personnel. CPR is an abbreviation for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This is an emergency procedure done to someone who is suffering from cardiac arrest. CPR can preserve and prolong any possible brain function until further medical measures are available. First Aid, on the other hand, refers to the initial or primary care for a specific injury or a disease with minimal use of medical equipment. This involves specific medical techniques and procedures for a specific situation. There some cases, where a First Aid procedure may be the only technique required. When it comes to CPR, medical personnel, such as trained doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners, are the ones who can perform the techniques. However, the training is now readily available for those who want to learn to perform a proper CPR procedure. This is the same for those who perform First Aid.

Although even those who are not in the medical field can perform these procedures, training is still a prerequisite. In addition, with the advancement of technologies today, getting certified in these two fields is easy once you pass the training and exams. Here are some ways to get a CPR and First Aid certificate:

  1. Enrolling in various community colleges and vocational school courses can get you a CPR and First Aid certificate. Depending on the scope of the classes, you can learn many things about these two procedures. Research the school’s programs because some only offer limited training. You have to go through their training and pass every return demonstration to be certified. If they believe that you are ready, they will release the certificate, acknowledging that you are capable of performing the procedures when needed.

  2. Another way is to get certificates is to be affiliated with a hospital that offers these training programs. In some cases, you need to be an employee to qualify for the trainings. However, some hospitals offer the training to everyone, just as long as they are willing to commit to the process.

  3. Become a member of the American Red Cross team. This international organization conducts CPR and First Aid trainings. They will hold lectures that are accompanied by demonstrations. They will also conduct one-on-one return demonstrations and group activities to better test your skills. After completing and passing all the training, you are then given the certificates and become a member of the Red Cross community.

Knowing the procedures of both CPR and First Aid is essential not only for credential purposes, but also for you and your family’s sakes. You can use these skills for the rest of your life. The steps on how to get a CPR and first aid certificate can be time consuming and challenging. There will be times that the procedures may confuse you, especially if you are not in tune with medical terms. However, the feeling you get after earning the certificates is rewarding and priceless.


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