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how to get divorced

how to get divorced

People say if you do not want to get divorced, do not get married! It’s because the divorce rate at present is too high. About half the number of marriages end in divorce. There are many ways in keeping a marriage, but since you do not have control over your spouse, this can still happen whether you like it or not. You should know at least how to get divorced if your relationship is on the rocks for the welfare of your family. Take note of the following:

  1. Be diplomatic with the decision of getting a divorce regardless of whose idea it is. If one of the spouses is no longer committed to making the marriage work, you might as well live separate lives to minimize damages brought about by chaotic living.

  2. Get legal counsel to guide you with the procedure. If there are no substantial properties involved, just inquire from the family law department in your locality. There are differences as far as divorce laws are concerned from state to state. An attorney may be needed when you have a problem getting or providing child support.


  3. Make a personal appearance at the local courthouse bringing with you all financial, tax returns, and bank accounts. Arrange the papers for the last five years starting from the bottom and the current ones on top.

  4. If you have joint accounts, you can divide all funds accumulated during the marriage equally after settling all the outstanding bills, utilities, and household expenses. Child support and other monetary agreements must be in black and white to protect you from an irresponsible provider. An attorney should do all the legal proceedings for you to avoid stress. The court will have authority only to order alimony when you file the agreements made. If you are the provider, choose a payment system that can be tracked such as checks.

  5. Not all states will grant divorces instantly. Some have a waiting period while the judge is studying your case. You will be informed by your lawyer when the decision will become final. While waiting for this, start shaping up your life by taking care of yourself first. The legalities will just add up to the emotional burden if you will handle everything by yourself. Trust that your counsel will do everything to protect your interests.

  6. Let the lawyers of both sides do the negotiations on professional benefits provided by the company to the family of its employee who is in the process of getting a divorce. You don’t want to be accused of being too greedy with what your spouse has. He or she is still the parent of your child or children, and you may want to maintain a friendly relationship with your ex.

  7. Discuss a custody plan together with your lawyers to make sure that both are being fair. Unfairness can come up when the pain is too intense to bear. There’s a possibility that you will want to hurt the other party using the child or children. You can also end up taking on too much than you can handle, so it’s better to let the lawyers handle things.

How to get divorced is a burden, but you can make it manageable by being emotionally and mentally prepared for the process. Once everything is fixed and final, you cannot undo what has been already agreed to. You just have to learn to accept the outcome of the proceedings. Lingering in the legal battle too long will not help in your quest to move on as soon as possible. Forgive and forget; have faith that wonderful things are yet to come.


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