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How to Get Espeon in Pokemon Fire Red

How to Get Espeon in Pokemon Fire Red

Espeon is a psychic type of Pokemon that was only introduced during the second generation. Espeon looks like a very sleek and exotic cat with lilac fur, large ears that are either blue or dark purple on the inside, four slim and tiny-pawed legs, and a slender tail that splits into two at the end. Its psychic powers is somewhat hinted at by the red gem on its forehead and its eyes, which are pupiless with purple sclera and white irises. Espeon evolves from Eevee or normal-type Pokemon. There are quite a number of different Pokemon Eevee can evolve to, depending on how you nurture it. Espeon’s strong psychic powers make it a very potent Pokemon to have in your arsenal, which is why you should learn how to get Espeon in Pokemon Fire Red.

  1. Interestingly, Espeon cannot be obtained in Pokemon FireRed (nor in LeafGreen) because these versions do not have a time system. Instead, you have to get an Eevee, trade it, evolve it in another version, and then trade it back. Here is how you can get your own Espeon:

  2. As explained above, an Espeon evolves from an Eevee.

    To get an Eevee, go to the north end of Celadon City and look for the path that leads to the back of the buildings. Follow this path until you can enter one of the buildings through the rear. Enter the building and go all the way up to the top floor; you will find your Eevee there.

  3. Take your Eevee and lead him to the second floor of a Pokemon Center.

  4. Here’s where the trading part begins. Take your Game Boy Advance and connect it to another Game Boy Advance with Pokemon “Ruby”, “Sapphire” or “Emerald”. You can do this by plugging the game-link cable directly into the side port.

  5. Run both game versions (FireRed and Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald) so that the two Game Boy Advance systems are right next to each other. In this set-up, talk to the Pokemon Center attendant and trade your Eevee.

  6. Using the non-FireRed Pokemon game system, raise your Eevee’s happiness as much as possible. You can raise its happiness level by walking around with it and never putting it in a PC box. Give it daily vitamins like Carbos, Calcium, Iron, Protein, Zinc, and HP Up. Using it in gym leader battles also help a lot. Also, according to veterans, using the Soothe Bell on an Eevee boosts its happiness levels even more.

  7. An Eevee that evolves during the day turns into Espeon, while one that evolves at night turns into Umbreon. If something goes wrong, you can simply prevent your Eevee from evolving into an Umbreon by pressing “B” and then try again the next day.

  8. Once the evolution is complete, connect the two Game Boy Advance systems again. This time, you will be trading the Espeon to the Pokemon FireRed version.

Because Espeon’s evolution is time-based, you have to make sure that your in-game clock is properly set while you nurture Eevee’s happiness levels and that it evolves during the day. The process is so simple that even newbies can easily learn how to get Espeon in Pokemon Fire Red.


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