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How to Get Free Plane Tickets

How to Get Free Plane Tickets

Free goods are always welcome; more so with plane tickets, since airfares are often the most expensive part of travelling.  One obvious way to get a free plane ticket is when you win it during a contest, or it was given to you when you sat in a TV talk show as part of the audience. Of course, you could also be given the tickets as a gift. The possible ways on how to get free plane tickets that are listed below are not entirely free in the sense that they are part of promotions or come with conditions. Nevertheless, you do not spend a dime on the ticket itself.

  1. Fly for free as a benefit

    It is common knowledge that those who work for airlines and travel agencies get to travel for free as part of their company benefit offerings. Family members of those who work in the airline industry are able to fly for free as well. The details vary depending on the company. Often, the employees are scheduled depending on the availability of empty seats and may not be able to fly if their reserved seats are bought by paying passengers.


    Active service members, retirees, and their families are able to fly for free due to the Space Available (Space A) program. Also known as military hops, Space A allows them to ride on an aircraft that is owned or controlled by the Department of Defense on the condition that those who are on duty and cargo are prioritized. Only then can those availing themselves of the Space A program ride with them if there are empty seats left. Contact your benefits officer for details and for scheduling.

  2. Use free tickets that are given out in exchange for a purchase

    Free plane tickets are sometimes included to entice people to choose their products. These products are usually big-ticket items such as a credit card account, mortgage, brokerage, or savings accounts. The companies usually have a tie-up with partner airlines, so they can give out free tickets.

    For example, if you get your home mortgage at a certain company, you will be given one or two free tickets, depending on the loan amount. For those opening a brokerage or savings account, the number of free tickets that will be given will depend on the initial amount you will deposit. This type of promotion is designed to entice affluent customers to bank with them. Some credit card companies also offer free flight tickets once you sign up for a credit card with them. In this case, you can get a credit card from a company where you already have an existing credit card, as long as the new one is of a different card brand. The company might require a minimum spending amount before you can use the free tickets.

    Note that the free tickets should not be the sole reason for you to acquire debt. If you are getting a home mortgage anyway, the promise of a free ticket might sway you to choose one company over another, but you shouldn’t buy a house just for the free ticket. Don’t forget to read the fine print to make sure you are getting the mortgage package that’s right for you. Similarly, you need to remember that debt in credit cards needs to be managed carefully. If you spend for items you don’t need just to get the free ticket and are unable to pay it back on time, the fees incurred due to late payments and additional charges will not be worth the free ticket.

  3. Rack up the miles

    Another option is to accumulate enough miles to earn free tickets. There are many businesses that offer miles as rewards, such as hotels, rental car agencies, credit cards, and airlines. A common example is airlines that offer frequent flyer miles. Enroll yourself in these programs, especially if you patronize those companies anyway; it’s often free to sign up. Read the program restrictions and rules; some companies limit the miles usage to a specific company. You might also be able to combine miles gained from different companies into one, if the miles are with partner airlines.

  4. Voluntarily get bumped from your flight

    Airline companies, many times, sell more tickets than there are seats as part of their practice to make sure that seats are filled. If they sell all of the tickets, they hope that someone doesn’t show up. If everyone shows up, that’s when they ask for a passenger to agree to get bumped from the flight. In return for the inconvenience, the airline offers perks, which can include a free plane ticket. For this method, you have to arrive early, pack light, and sit near the counter so you can quickly volunteer to be moved to another flight.

Aside from the above-listed ways on how to get free plane tickets, you can also get a free ticket if you suffer an inconvenience at an airline and complain politely. Similar to restaurants where you are given a free dish because of a hassle, you might be given a free ticket. While this is possible, the intent of this article is not to encourage whining just for a free ticket.


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