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how to get free satellite TV

how to get free satellite TV

One of people’s common pastimes is to watch TV after work. Apart from getting rid of boredom, watching TV offers a variety of information, news, and the current trends on the market. But viewing the same TV series or programs over and over again may not at all be entertaining. What you need, therefore, is to know how to get free satellite TV so you can explore more shows. Let us find out the things you need to know to get satellite TV without incurring any expense.

  1. Gather the relevant information. The two leading satellite TV companies are Direct TV and the Dish Network. These two competing groups have come up with different promotional strategies to attract the largest market share, one of which is to give out services free of charge. For one, the Dish Network regularly gives its customers free satellite devices; free installation, as well as cheaper programming deals. These promos usually come in a form of package offering.

    On the other hand, Direct TV has similar promotional packages.

    Direct TV is the both the largest and the oldest satellite TV network in the US. Its client base is larger than the other provider.

  2. Visit the official website of the company. You can actually access the toll-free number of your preferred satellite TV provider should that be more workable for you. Once you have logged into the site, browse for information about the company’s offers. The usual promo received by any first-time subscriber includes the dish antenna, DVR or digital video recorder, satellite TV receiver, and HD-TV receiver. All this equipment is surely offered for free. Besides that, the installation is also likely to be free.

  3. Compare services. It is highly recommended that you visit the websites of both companies, so you can make a good comparison of their respective services. After all, it is you who will decide which company is preferable.

    Even though both companies offer satellite TV receivers for free, they differ in some ways. On the one hand, Direct TV gives its first-time customers just 1 HD-TV receiver and 1 DVR, although the DVR has the TiVo feature for better TV viewing. On the other hand, the Dish Network gives a maximum of 2 DVRs and 2 HD-TV receivers.

  4. Check authorized retailers. There is really no harm in visiting some retail outlet stores. You will gain more information from them about the company’s promotional offers and installation packages. To easily locate retailer stores in your area, see the list provided on the company’s official website and locate the nearest retail outlet.

  5. Check for the newest offers. There are still more good things that you can enjoy with your chosen satellite TV provider. Other than the free equipment and the free installation given to you, enquire further whether you can also get a home-theatre system and satellite radio, either at a discounted price or even for free. Internet connection and upgrade packages are often given for free.

    Make sure you also avail yourself of the company’s lifetime warranty, if any. Also enquire on how you can get lower monthly fees after subscribing for a number of months or years.

  6. Make use of streaming TV online. This is another option if you’re looking for how to get satellite TV for free. All you need is a stable internet connection and a fully operational computer. Just visit the JumpTV website or BeeLineTV and start watching different satellite TV programs through your computer’s media player, such as Real Player or Windows Media Player.

Because of the growing demand for satellite TV, competition between the providers has also increased. As long as you are aware of the strategies on how to get free satellite TV, then you are on the winning side irrespective of the level of rivalry between the satellite TV companies. Remember, however, that every satellite TV provider is in business to make a profit. Therefore, any free service offered can only last for a certain period of time, and after that you will have to meet your monthly fee as required.


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