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how to get free XM Radio

how to get free XM Radio

XM Radio, the very first satellite radio company in North America, is still the leading radio network offering hundreds of music, news, and talk stations. Rather than applying to be a paying subscriber of the company, you’re better off exploring several ways on how to get free XM Radio and be able to enjoy its music services without spending your money. The music services of XM Radio can be accessed either from online resources, right from the company’s website, or from radio retailers. The service has expanded its coverage to the extent that it can now be accessed and listened to, not just on your computer at home, but also within the comfort of your vehicle. Here are a few steps you can try to enjoy the music of XM Radio.

  1. Access it online for free. Log into the company’s official site at xmradio.com, and then look for the “Listen Online Now” tab in the upper right area of the web page. Click on the tab to get to your log-in page. If you have already logged-in, you can go directly to the site’s listening page.

    In the text box that appears on the page, provide the log-in information required, your email address, and the corresponding password. Click on the “Continue” button. As non-paying subscriber, you can enjoy and listen to the company’s music by simply proceeding to the “register now for a free trial” link, and then complete the registration information. On the other hand, if you have already subscribed but have no online account yet, click the “activate my account” button.

    Once you are completely logged-in, you are now free to choose any XM Radio station you like from the list provided. To ensure relaxing moments with the station, check that the speakers are properly plugged in.

  2. Activate it in your GM-OEM car radio. Some General Motors (GM) units are provided with Original Equipment Manufacturer XM Radio systems. With this feature, when you purchase a vehicle outfitted with XM Satellite Radio, GM and XM have agreed to provide a 3-month free XM Radio trial. To activate it, you can ask the car dealer to do it for you or you may to do it yourself.

    First, on your radio unit press either the “XM” or “Band” button so you can effectively switch to the XM satellite tuner. Turn the dial to channel zero, and copy your 8-digit ID Code numbers as displayed. Then call (877) 209-5079 to reach the XM Listener Care Center, and inform the representative of your wish to activate your free XM subscription on your GM vehicle. You will likely have to provide the ID Code numbers you copied earlier.

    At this time, you will have to wait for the representative’s instructions to refresh your radio. When so advised, scan the radio for the available sample channels. If you are able to scan only a number of channels, then you should refresh again. To help you with this, log on to refresh.xmradio.com, enter your 8-digit ID Code numbers, and click the “Submit” button.

  3. Listen to it in your car radio. Even if your vehicle is non-GM, you can still enjoy listening to XM Radio by simply subscribing into the company’s free trial offer of service. Of course, you must have a good satellite receiver. You can buy one at Target or Wal-Mart. Look at the back of the satellite and copy the code number printed there.

    Visit the satellite receiver company’s website and choose the 30 day free-trial option on the activation page. Enter your telephone number and email address as required. Don’t forget to create your own password so that you can successfully access your account online. At this time, enter the code number you earlier copied and “Submit” it.

    Wait for a few hours for the processing to be completed. Place the satellite radio in your vehicle and turn it on. Enjoy listening to XM Radio until your free trial period expires.

Figure out which of the items above on how to get free XM radio is applicable to you. You can go back to the company’s website and check for more promotional events. Once you are satisfied with the services of XM Radio, you might consider registering as regular subscriber.


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