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How to Get Good Airline Deals

How to Get Good Airline Deals

Given that there are many airlines and different flight options for each airline depending on the destination, it’s always a good idea to shop around for the best deal for you. Comparing prices takes time and energy, but you save money, and you’ll have the feeling of satisfaction in getting an affordable price.  If the deal you get has free add-ons like entrance to the airport VIP lounge, that’s even better. Here are some tips on how to get good airline deals.

  1. Use a travel site for fare comparison

    The easiest and most common method to get good deals for plane tickets are fare comparison sites. These sites do not sell tickets, but they collate data from all over the web and put them in a format where you can easily compare prices. There are many such sites online; try several of them to make sure that the prices are fairly consistent across the board. Once you’ve decided on which airline offers the best price, you can go to the airline’s website to purchase the ticket. Note that it is possibly cheaper for you to fly out through one airline and fly back through another airline.

  2. Use group deals, social networking, bidding sites

    Now that social networking is on the rise, companies have created their own online presence through websites and social networking sites. Group discount sites have done the same as well. Sign up for news about ongoing deals and open bids. Add the airline to your list of interests, so you can see sales alerts on your news feed. Look at group coupons, depending on how many people are travelling with you. Some bidding sites open bids for plane tickets and hotel rates; if you win the bid, it’ll be cheaper than the current rate. Don’t forget to take note of the promo codes where applicable.

  3. Go through a travel agency

    Travel agencies, either those with physical storefronts or online, often offer package deals. These deals consist of airline fares and hotel rates that are not made available to the public. The agency might have a special discount with their partner companies. These are good deals that can include add-ons such as airport pick-up and drop-off. Another advantage of paying for a package deal is that you have paid for most essential travel details in advance, so you can save up your pocket money for the trip.

  4. Buy your tickets online

    A good way to save money is to buy your tickets online through the airline’s website. Often, there is a service charge for tickets bought over the phone or at a ticket counter. The service charge may also include the cost of printing the tickets themselves. Self-service bookings forego the service charge and other fees.

  5. Choose a no-frills airline

    The advantage of choosing a no-frills airline is that you pay for the basic fare and you have the option to pay extra for additional items or luxuries. For example, opt out of the meal option when buying the ticket, but you can buy a snack if you forgot to bring one with you. If there is an option for seating, see if you need to pay extra for the seats near the exit, those that have bigger legroom. You can customize accordingly based on your needs.

One trick on how to get good airline deals is to keep an eye out for any deals and discounts. You may want to create an email account just for enrolling in alerts from discount companies, group discount sites, and airlines. You’ll be wading through a lot of email, but you can customize your search, and your efforts will be fruitful.


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