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how to get legal guardianship of a child

how to get legal guardianship of a child

Child custody is a very serious matter that must not be taken lightly. It is the child’s welfare that is at stake here. There are laws of the state that govern ways on how to get legal guardianship of a child. When we speak about legal child custody, two things may occur, but these guidelines will hold true in both situations. Setting legal guardianship may occur when the parents of a child give up their rights to the child or when the child is already in the care of a government agency. Anyone who desires to adopt or get legal guardianship of a child needs to follow processes set by laws. Some of these processes may include the following ways on how to get legal guardianship of a child.

  1. Get the services of a good lawyer. In the process of adoption, you will be facing a lot of legal issues. Acquiring the services of a lawyer who experts on the matter will be a great advantage to you as he or she can guide you through the process of adoption and custodial rights of a child.

  2. Prepare proof that you are worthy to be the child’s legal guardian.

    strong> In your petition to have the full and legal custody of a child, you will need to show the judge that you are, indeed, capable of upholding the child’s welfare and best interests.

  3. Gather medical documents to prove that the child is in need of a guardian. The total well-being of the child is the first priority of the judge or government agency when granting legal guardianship or adoption. When parents no longer have the capacity to take care of the child because of medical reasons, the judge or agency will give more favor to the individual who is applying for the child’s adoption.

  4. Ready all appropriate documents and forms that your government or state require. Each state or government has certain documents you need to fill out and include in your petition of guardianship. Make sure that you have the right and complete set of all of these files so that the process of adoption will become smoother and faster.

  5. Acquire a written affidavit from the parents. When the current situation of the parents of the child deems to be inappropriate for the child, they may task someone to stand as legal guardians. If the parents or parent work overseas, for example, they may appoint the child’s grandparents or other family members to look over the child while they were away. When this happens, you must, first and foremost, obtain an affidavit that states why there is a reason to do such things.

    As proof to your affidavit, settling the matter with witnesses will give it more depth and weight. When you have completed the necessary information on your affidavit, have it notarized so that it becomes legal and unquestionable.

  6. Appear in all court hearings. By appearing in all court hearings and procedures in connection to your petition of guardianship of a child, you are showing the judge, and the parents, your sincerity. The judge will favor your petition if he or she sees that you are genuine and honest in your intentions of protecting and upholding the child’s welfare.

Gaining custody and going through ways on how to get legal guardianship of a child may take some time -- weeks, even months -- and your resources. But with the right purpose and objective, all of these sacrifices will be worthwhile. None of the effort that you have exerted can compare to the feeling when you hold him or her in your arms.


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