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How to Get Longer Eyelashes Naturally

How to Get Longer Eyelashes Naturally

The hair growing on the edges of your eyelids is not there just for cosmetic reasons—it also serves to protect your eyes from foreign debris that may blow into your peepers or make you blink if something gets threateningly close to them. These facial features also double as beauty enhancers, with long, lush eyelashes being long considered as one of the universal symbols of beauty. As such, many women want to know how to get longer eyelashes naturallyso they have those bewitching eyes that some genetically-endowed women are born with. After all, not everyone is blessed with a naturally thick fringe. However, there is a way to augment the length of your lashes; read on to learn how to achieve just that:

  1. Eat for good health. Ensuring that you have proper nutrition helps your body grow not only lashes but also hair and even fingernails. If you're properly nourished, you're more likely to have longer, fuller lashes. Make sure your diet is rich in protein, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which all help your eyelashes grow to their full potential.

    Meanwhile, copper, iron, and chromium help you avoid losing your lashes more often than normal. Get your protein, vitamins, and minerals from fish, white meat, legumes, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and sweet potatoes. You can also take a multivitamin to augment your nutritional needs. In addition, you should hydrate yourself often.

  2. Put natural lubricants on your lashes to help them grow strong. You can create your own “serum” by mixing equal parts of sweet almond oil and castor oil. Add a bit of vitamin E squeezed from a capsule and combine thoroughly. Pour the mixture into a clean, airtight bottle for storage. To use, dip an unused, clean mascara wand or Q-tip into the serum and apply just one very light coating on your lashes at night before you go to bed. Brush from the roots all the way to the tips. You can protect the application with a silk sleeping mask. Rinse this off in the morning when you cleanse your face.

  3. You can use other lubricants such as petroleum jelly, olive oil, or lip balm. You can also make your lashes stronger and minimize frequent shedding with an egg white mixture. Mix equal parts of raw egg white with castor oil (good for a single application) and apply this mixture with a brush. Leave on overnight and rinse in the morning.

  4. Avoid being rough with your eyes. Don't scrub or rub them when they're itchy or when you're trying to remove makeup as you may risk breaking your lashes or losing a few strands. Instead, splash some water or tap the affected lid gently with a Q-tip or with the tip of your little finger when it's feeling a bit itchy.

  5. Let your lashes breathe by minimizing the use of cosmetics or thoroughly removing mascara and eyeliner as soon as you're home. Also, avoid using fake lashes as much as you can since these are likely to damage your natural fringes with the added weight and the pulling involved when removing the artificial appendages.

  6. Eyelash curlers are great for making your lashes look longer. Make sure you clamp the tool right at the roots for a couple of seconds for an optimal lift that instantly makes your eyes look brighter. Then, comb your lashes from root to tip for about 10 seconds to help reduce clumping.

  7. For special occasions, use a volumizing or lengthening mascara to make your lashes look lusher and longer. Apply a second coating for more optimal results.

In your efforts on how to get longer eyelashes naturally, see to it that you check your eyes or lashes for dandruff, which may occur for a number of reasons. When this happens, see a doctor so you can get the right treatment.


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