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How to Get my Dog to Stop Barking

How to Get my Dog to Stop Barking

Having raised your dog will mean you are familiar already with its behavior. You must have already disciplined it and taught it how to understand simple commands. A dog normally barks as a way of communicating. It is the dog’s signature sound - as a bird chirps, a cat meows, and so on and so forth. When my dog’s barking is becoming more frequent, I have to learn how to get my dog to stop barking to avoid causing noise pollution. Here are some ideas I would like to share:

  1. I had to bring my dog for a check-up with my veterinarian to make sure nothing was wrong with its health and it was not suffering from any anxiety or diseases that were not visible on the outside. My vet was kind enough to assure me that it was in perfect shape, so this aspect was ruled out.

  2. I had to regularly spare playtime with it to make it exercise and be happy. Exhaustion sends it to sleep soundly at night. I give it free time to run around the park to feel some freedom, but of course I make sure it doesn’t go very far and comes back to me at a mere calling of its name.


  3. It is important to teach discipline to your dog as early in life as possible or as soon as you get it. Delaying this will make it harder to train. Be consistent with the commands you use, like say “stop” if you want it to stop barking. Dogs do remember these simple commands and know what they mean. They can also read your emotions - so make sure you are not smiling or laughing when you give these commands.

  4. Understand that barking is a dog’s way of communicating with you. It might mean that it is trying to catch your attention. Give it to the dog or it will not stop barking. It only takes a hug or a touch on its back. This will make the dog more emotionally secure.

  5. As dogs bark to give you a message, look around first to see if there is really eminent danger. Do not ignore their efforts as dogs do care for you too, especially when they feel you genuinely care for them. They even have a tendency to sacrifice their own lives just to save you and your loved ones. They reciprocate whatever love you make them feel.

  6. Another reason why dogs bark frequently is because they see other pet animals. They have a tendency to shoo them away with their loud barking. It may be a sign of jealousy too. Make sure you spend equal time with all your pets if you have several.

How to get my dog to stop barking is relatively easy. All it takes is time, effort and love for my pet dog. It is by barking that they express their emotions or messages, so I learned to be sensitive to this. There is no need to punish a dog that is frequently barking - pacifying it will give you more positive results.


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