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how to get over a break up fast

how to get over a break up fast

Everyone has a story to tell about falling in love, overcoming a problem, or a relationship break up. Whether or not you caused the break up, you’ll still have difficulty in going through the process of recovery. Probably, you’ll end up asking if there is a way on how to get over a break up fast. The answer is affirmative. Some good things don’t last forever. In fact, there are things in life that must come to an end in order to start anew. When the relationship is neither healthy nor productive, break up becomes inevitable. As far as how fast or slow you can get over a painful break up, it all depends on the kind of coping mechanisms you use. Below are positive reinforcements that can speed up your recovery.

  1. Cut off the line. Usual phone calls, text messages, emails, and messages through social network sites must be eliminated immediately. This action may be tough, but you have to do it while the pain is very strong. Cutting down communication channels will reduce the possibility of reconciling all over again.

    ce you open the line again, that will only prolong your agony and lengthen your recovery period.

  2. Don’t isolate yourself. You have to see the world and welcome changes. The more that you dump yourself, the more difficult your recovery becomes. You need to breathe out and discover a wider horizon out there. Go out with your friends, see the nearby park, play your favorite sport, exercise as much as you can, watch movies, and eat if you must. Spend quality time with your family.

  3. Eliminate false hopes. Don’t entertain the possibility that someday things will turn out right and that you and your ex-partner will be together again. False hopes will not only bring you down, but they will also hinder you to start afresh.

  4. Avoid your ex-partner. Keeping yourself away from your ex is definitely a good move that can shorten your recovery. You have to avoid casual encounters and try very hard not to give in to your weaknesses. Don’t go to places that your ex frequents. For sure, you don’t want to see the person again.

  5. Face the problem squarely. You can’t keep on denying the fact that it is over. Face it and admit that there is no more turning back. If you were left out like a piece of junk, take that as a challenge to prove your worth. That should inspire you to do better in life. Excel in everything that you do. Head up high, keep your confidence and composure.

  6. Release your anger. In a break up, there may be a regret that can yield anger. This anger can become a negative energy if not handled appropriately. If you are angry, you have to release it in the right way in order to free yourself. You can sweat it out through sports and other outdoor activities.

  7. Seek support. Right after your break up, it is normal to cry. Necessarily, you have to pour out your emotions, such as feelings of regrets and disappointments. While recovering, you may need a support group like your circle of friends. You need them to prevent you from falling into extreme depression.

Couples who are intimately connected to each other cannot imagine having a break up. All the while, they believe that everything is just fine. But, when they can no longer sustain the relationship, they end up separating. In effect, they usually find it hard to learn how to get over a break up fast. To all couples out there, take good care of your love. It is not every day you fall in love.


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