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how to get over a divorce

how to get over a divorce

Now that the tension and drama of your divorce is over, you are facing a new life. It is all over and the next challenge is how to get over a divorce without complicating your life. It is natural to feel unhinged or disoriented after a divorce. You have been through a lot of paper work, calls and meetings with your divorce lawyer, appearances in court, and tormenting interactions with your ex-partner. It’s payback time. Read on below for more tips that can help you cope after an excruciating divorce.

  1. Accept the fact that it’s over. This is easier said than done. You may find it difficult to accept that the ordeal is over and you can do nothing about it. As soon as you realize your brokenness, you can start to pick up the pieces again and build a whole new you. Of course, you have to deal with your negative emotions like loneliness, despair, and depression. To help you completely accept the fact of your separation, it is fair to see a family counselor or psychologist.

  2. Prayers are powerful.

    ou should not undermine the power of your prayers. There is no doubt that God can send you the kind of comfort and relief that you need. Find strength with what Mother Theresa said – “I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much.” This is an assurance that you can overcome everything that you are going through now. Be faithful and you will see His miracles pouring on you.

  3. Spend time with your family and friends. They are the persons you should turn to after a divorce. Let them know your emotional status. They must know that right after the divorce, the grieving process has just started. If you have a friend who has gone through a similar process, talk to that person; somehow, he or she can intuitively understand your situation.

    Going out with your friends is one of the best ways to counteract loneliness. Surround yourself with happy people, so you have reasons to laugh. Those people who truly care about your condition will not only listen to what you have to say, but will also give you reasonable advice.

  4. Excel in your work. Treat your pain as a challenge to do better at work. Once you do, you are not only increasing your chances to get a promotion, but you are also making more money. Immersing yourself into work means redirecting your attention into something productive. After all, you still need to support yourself and your family.

  5. Go back to your hobbies. If baking used to be your passion, do it again. Make your recipes delicious and tasty and share them with your friends. When you make other people happy, you will feel happy too. If photography still interests you, join a local photography club to explore more of your talent.

  6. Look after yourself. Too much stress and depression can impair your health. Taking sauna baths will not only relieve your negative emotions, but will also rejuvenate your body. Exercise regularly and eat healthy foods, so when the time comes that you are ready to go out on a date again, you will still be fit and pleasing.

Many people have asked how to get over a divorce since the recovery process cannot be done overnight. There are a number of things in your day-to-day living that will change instantly. Whether you like it or not, you will feel empty, especially if you have been used to having your spouse with you during every meal. However, your recovery period will soon be over. You will eventually learn to see more of the world on your own and finally move on for good. A positive outlook can speed up the process.


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