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how to get over your ex

how to get over your ex

If you have just been dumped recently, always think that it’s not your loss. It’s the other way around. Mind over matter can make a real difference, especially when you are willing to purify your heart as well. If you never have any ill intentions in your heart to hurt the person who wronged you, you will definitely emerge as the winner. How to get over your ex is dependent on how you will handle the situation. Why not try the following?

  1. Never take any past accusations made by your ex-partner personally. You know yourself and your values. The hurt that you are feeling right now can never change the way you are.

  2. Past is past. Just in case you are feeling guilty over the bad things you've done in the past to your ex, forgive yourself and forget that they happened.

  3. Do not blame yourself because of the failed relationship. Charge it to experience. Maybe next time, you’ll know how to react better when certain situations arise.

    aps letting your partner win for a change will make you happier instead of hurting your ego.

  4. Wish your ex-lover well in his future endeavors without you. Be thankful when he finds happiness and peace after the break up. If he happens to find a new love, be happy for him also.

  5. Since you've forgiven yourself already, make it a point to forgive your ex, even if he did not ask for it. Just do it subconsciously, knowing that he is only a human being like you who is capable of making mistakes. This will open up your heart to be more understanding to other people.

  6. Give only kindness to those who will try to destroy you, particularly when it is your ex. Do not get affected with any hostilities they may throw in front of you. Just remain the good person that you are.

  7. Be determined to make it on your own with flying colors. You have the capability to create a promising future. Do not be needy and weak because someone will take advantage of that. Don't aim to reunite with your ex.

  8. Find yourself again and live a well-balanced life. This is a very powerful combination that will draw the right people towards you. This time, you will know the right one when you see him or her.

  9. Find it in your heart to be friends with your ex when the opportunity arises. You will not be affected anymore by anything that he says and does when you finally get over him. Being friends with someone you used to be romantically involved with is a sign that both of you have matured. Even if your previous relationship did not succeed – each individual will always have that goodness in their being. Hold on to that.

There are many ways on how to get over your ex but these boil down to only three major things: do not forget who you are, be forgiving and look forward to a happier tomorrow. Failed relationships are not the end of the world. Fill your heart with love and you will also attract much in return.


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