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How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

Makeup in general does not look good when your eyebrows are shaped badly. Knowing how to get perfect eyebrows makes all the difference. To start with, you can consult professional makeup artists and beauty consultants for their opinions. They are well-versed on what shapes and styles suit particular faces. It is helpful to have some ideas on the ideal eyebrow shape. Then you can guide the artist in the fulfillment of your preferences. This is better than just giving her carte blanche to do whatever she thinks is right for you. The following tips will lead you to the perfect eyebrows:

  1. Invest in quality eye-makeup paraphernalia. This includes brow scissors, tweezers, and different kinds of eye brushes. Owning a good eye makeup kit, including useful tools, is crucial for the achievement of perfect eyebrows.

  2. Before tweezing, brush your brows up with a dried mascara brush. Trim the long hairs using a pair of brow scissors. Use curved scissors for thick eyebrows and point-like scissors for thin to normal ones.

    Maintain a steady hand when doing this and follow the same steps on both eyebrows.

  3. Using a white eyeliner pencil, draw the desired shape for your brows. Use this as your guide. This will make the job relatively easy and minimize the possibility of mistakes. It is good to follow the natural arch, but variations are fine once you have developed the skills. You can now start plucking the excess hairs. Do them one hair at a time or it will be quite painful. If you are getting your brows done in a salon, you can choose other methods, like waxing or threading.

  4. Choose the most suitable shade of eye pencil for your eyebrows. Blondes can have the darkest for more definition. Women who are already going gray can opt for taupe color to override the dull tones. Redheads should choose sable shades, whereas brunettes should select a shade lighter than their hair color to soften the skin tone. Using the selected eyebrow pencil, fill in the line guide you drew earlier. Make sure you do the same for both eyebrows.

  5. Define your brows further and make them shine using a brow gel. Some Vaseline can serve the purpose well. Brush the thickest part of your brows straight before applying gel to make them look fuller. Use a tinted brow gel if you want extra color to darken your eyebrows.

  6. Maintain your brow arches with professional shaping every three months. Excess hairs can be removed at any time when applying makeup. Ladies with thin and fine brows have more control in the tweezing process. If you have medium brows, opt for waxing in a reputable salon. It will be less painful than plucking the hairs one by one. YouÂ’ll save time and effort as well. Threading is also good for thick eyebrows as it quickly removes both thin and thick hairs.

Learning how to get perfect eyebrows requires precise measurements of the desired eyebrow shape. Let your natural brow line guide you when you have difficulties. This will limit your chances of making mistakes. You can be bold and try other variations later on, when you have more experience. Perfect eyebrows are mandatory if you want to have captivating eye makeup.


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