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How to Get Pregnant Fast

How to Get Pregnant Fast

Various situations may push you to find out how to get pregnant fast. They include a much-awaited pregnancy, a ticking biological clock, impatient grandparents-to-be, an overwhelming desire to have a child, and attempting to get pregnant and failing. Whatever the situation, it can be very frustrating and disappointing. To a large extent, conception is still nature’s purview. You can’t really get pregnant anytime you want. But there are factors that could help, and following some good advice could greatly improve your chances of getting pregnant.

  1. Know your body well. Each woman’s body is different. Ovulation cycles, hormonal composition, and the state of reproductive organs vary from body to body. Hence you can’t ensure conception. As each woman’s body is unique, a woman who knows her body well may know what situations are most conducive to conception. You can learn this by studying and monitoring your ovulation cycle. Using an ovulation predictor kit, an ovulation calculator, or an ovulation monitor, you can track your body’s readiness for fertilization and strike while the iron is hot, so to speak.

    you identify the peak period, you can schedule intercourse about three days prior to ovulation, during it, and a day after it occurs. These are your best chances at conceiving.

  2. It is best not to have intercourse before this period so that your partner can build up his store of sperm and increase the likelihood that fertilization will happen. However, your partner shouldn’t go for too long without ejaculating, because this might cause a buildup of dead sperm. This wouldn’t help you to conceive.

  3. Consult an ob-gyn or a healthcare practitioner. They can recommend over-the-counter medication that’s well-suited to stimulating ovulation in you. If you’ve been trying to conceive for some time and have not been able to, they can also take tests to make sure there aren’t other health or reproductive issues to take into consideration. Finding solutions can be simple if you know what the problem is. So it’s best to have all your bases covered.

  4. During the act, enjoy yourself. Stress is a major inhibitor of the sexual drive and may adversely affect reproductive ability. Don’t get too tense about it. Relax and build your relationship rather than focusing solely on conception. Having a caring, nurturing relationship will enhance your body’s receptivity to fertilization and will better equip you and your partner for the challenges of pregnancy and parenthood.

  5. Stay horizontal after intercourse to give the sperm and egg time to bond. Standing up and moving around may cause the sperm to spill, and gravity may pull them away from where you want them to go. Although moving around right after intercourse does not guarantee that a woman won’t get pregnant, staying still and relaxed won’t hurt your quest to get pregnant, either.

  6. Watch your diet. A diet high in dairy will increase your chances of getting pregnant. Studies have shown this to be true, but the exact connection hasn’t been established yet. The growth hormone treatment cows receive may be a factor. Taking supplements like folic acid will also help. So will gaining a bit of weight. Underweight women have slightly lower chances of getting pregnant. This may be nature’s way of ensuring that a baby in the womb has the nutrition and sustenance it needs.

These tips can help you figure out how to get pregnant fast. But nature is largely responsible for conception. Do your part and let nature take its course.


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