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How to Get Pregnant Fast and Easy

How to Get Pregnant Fast and Easy

For some women, conception can be as simple as stopping birth control when they’re ready for a baby. Others might need a little more help. Here are tips on how to get pregnant fast and easy. Here are the steps that you should try to get pregnant as fast as humanly possible:

  1. Prepare the body for baby-making

    It has been said countless times that smoking, recreational drugs, and too much alcohol and caffeine are harmful to the body. It bears repeating that they impact fertility negatively as well. All of them are harmful to the fetus, so it is best to stop them in order to allow the body to recover. Daily alcohol consumption has been linked to lower sperm counts and higher numbers of abnormal sperm. Tobacco and recreational drugs cause poor sperm function. Having more than a cup of coffee or another caffeinated drink lowers one’s chances of conceiving. A man can take supplements such as zinc, vitamins C and D, calcium and folic acid; they help the body create sperm that are abundant, strong and wiggly so that they can survive in the cervix longer and reach the egg faster.


  2. Calculate when you ovulate

    Ovulation occurs when the woman’s body produces an egg. This is her most fertile time. For women with regular 28-day menstrual cycles, the 14th day from the first day of the period is the ovulation date. Monitoring cervical mucus or secretions can also help since mucus thickens as the ovulation date approaches. The basal body temperature is another indicator of ovulation, because it goes down by half a degree 24 hours before ovulation. Take your temperature immediately after waking up, consult a chart, and jot down the temperatures so that you can see the pattern. More precise measures than monitoring secretions and checking the temperature are ovulation kits and fertility monitors. They are most helpful for those with irregular menstrual cycles.

  3. Avoid using lube

    Most lubricants are toxic to sperm. They may decrease one’s chances of conception, even with frequent sex. If you need to use lubricants, choose those that are fertility-friendly or use canola oil, mineral oil, or lubricants containing hydroxyethylcellulose.

  4. Have strategic sex

    While common sense says that couples who want to conceive should have sex as much as possible, this may not be possible due to schedules, health, or other reasons. Doctors recommend having sex at least once every two days. Once the ovulation date is identified, couples should have sex every day, starting five days before ovulation or when the body is experiencing a hormonal surge.

    It might help to have sex in positions that keep the sperm in the vagina longer. The missionary position with a pillow placed under the hips is a good position. The rear-entry or doggy-style position is also recommended because of the deep penetration. Having sex side-by-side works the same way. Sex while standing up, or with the woman on top or sitting down is not ideal because the sperm has to defy gravity to stay in the woman’s body. Headstands after sex are not necessary, but studies have shown that staying in bed for 15 minutes after sex results in 50% more pregnancies.

    It is definitely advisable to relax, enjoy oneself, and not treat sex as a chore that has to be done at specific times. Studies have shown that female orgasms can help improve conception too. The contractions during orgasms help push the sperm deeper into the cervix and closer to the egg.

These tips on how to get pregnant fast and easy can help a woman conceive within three months. If the couple feels the need to consult a doctor for additional options, they should do so, especially if they are 35 years old or older.


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