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How to Get Pregnant with Twins

How to Get Pregnant with Twins

Motherhood is hard enough without adding twins into the mix, but if you’re interested in finding out how to get pregnant with twins, some factors may help. Bear in mind, however, that conception is largely an uncertain proposition, with a lot of possibilities beyond human control. Even doctors trained and experienced in IVF (in-vitro fertilization) cannot guarantee a 100% success rate. The odds are slimmer for conceiving twins. There is no sure-fire way to have twins at will. The following factors are said to increase the chances of having twins. They are gleaned from years of the study and observation of common traits among mothers of twins.

  1. Genes. If you’re female and your family has a history of having twins, then you are more likely to have twins yourself. This is because the capacity to produce two eggs at once (hyper-ovulation) likely runs in families. Having a partner who is a twin himself may increase your chances if twins run in his family, but not by much as he can’t pass the hyper-ovulation gene to you. If both partners have a family history of twins then that should make the odds even better.


  2. Science helps. You can consult a fertility doctor to help improve your chances of multiple conceptions. There are medications and medical interventions that sometimes result in multiple fertilizations at a time. This is why some IVF and medically-aided conceptions more often result in multiple births than natural conception. A disclaimer: if you went to a fertility doctor for help conceiving twins, but were perfectly able to conceive without such aid, you wouldn’t be likely to be accommodated. Ethical practice doesn’t allow it. And if a doctor is unethical enough to promise to help you to conceive twins under these circumstances, you really shouldn’t entrust your health and that of your baby to him.

  3. Getting pregnant right after going off birth control pills may also help. While a woman is taking pills, her body gets used to the artificially-regulated hormonal functions. After she goes off the pill, her body has to adjust back to self-regulation, and this may enable the ovaries to release two eggs at the same time. If both get fertilized at once, you’ve got twins.

  4. Breastfeed and conceive. Getting pregnant while breastfeeding a baby is somehow associated with a higher incidence of multiple births. This may be due to hormones triggered by the act of breastfeeding, or by something going on in the reproductive system: the cause is unknown. But there may be a connection, and if you’re eager to have twins, you may want to exploit that connection.

  5. Plump up. Women with a body mass index of 30 or more have a greater chance of having twins. This may be nature’s way of ensuring that the mother can nurture and care for two babies at a time. After all, having two babies dependent on one source of nourishment while in the womb could be a huge drain on the mother’s reserves.

  6. Increase your daily dairy intake. Some studies say that women who have a higher intake of dairy products and dairy-based food are five times more likely to have twins than those who don’t. The connection between dairy and conception is not clear, except perhaps for the possible effect on the human body of milk from cows that have ingested growth hormones.

  7. Wait a while. Women who wait until later in life to conceive are more likely to have twins. As a woman grows older, the quality and number of eggs her body is able to produce goes down. To make up for it, the body produces more hormones to improve her ovulation and may enable her to produce two eggs at a time, thus increasing her chances of having twins.

Having children is always a blessing and a great joy; having two at a time is even more so. But whether you have twins or not is really not up to you to decide. You can follow these tips on how to get pregnant with twins and take your chances.


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