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How to Get Puppies to Stop Biting

How to Get Puppies to Stop Biting

Puppies that bite while their teeth are growing are a normal occurrence. Biting toys and kibbles are fine so long as they do not harm you, the people around you and other pets in your house. However, if the behavior continues and gets out of hand, you may find yourself taking trips to the emergency room because of puppy bites. You need to learn how to get puppies to stop biting before your family endures any further pain. This behavior may be corrected easily as long as you know and apply the necessary techniques on your puppies. Here are tips you need to follow to successfully get your puppies to stop biting:

  1. Early intervention is always the best way to get the puppies to stop. Teething and biting come hand in hand during your puppy’s growing years. During this stage, biting may be tolerated. However, if your puppies are still biting after this period, you need to intervene. Correcting this behavior and getting the puppies to stop biting at an early age will lessen the problem.

  2. Train your puppies to obey and respect you.

    Your puppies need to know that you are the leader of the pack. As their leader, they have to learn how to respect and obey you and your commands. When you let your puppies have their way around things and not follow you, they will think that it is okay for them to behave that way. This includes biting your hands. Giving them obedience training will also be quicker and simpler if the puppies acknowledge their place in the pack.

  3. When bitten, let out a word of pain; stop playing with the puppies and walk away from them. Never spank or slap your puppies with your hand. Verbally indicate your pain. The best way to do this is to say ‘ow’ or ‘ouch’ or ‘aaarrr’ and then stop what you are doing and walk away from them. This tells your dog that when they bite, they lose you as a friend, and don’t get want they want.

  4. Be firm with your command and consistent in giving them. Your puppies can get confused if you use too many command words telling him not to bite. You can use ‘no’ or ‘no bite’ to stop the biting. When you say these, look the dog in his eyes so he knows that you are serious. Never tolerate a bad deed by just letting it pass. Whenever anyone notices that the puppies are biting, correct it right away using the words ‘no’ and ‘no bite’.

  5. Redirect their attention to other things. When the puppies start to bit your hands and feet, redirect their attention from your hand to other things such as a kibble toy or a dog treat. Place the toy or treat in front of their faces and watch as they slowly touch and try to nibble on them.

One thing you should keep in my when learning how to get puppies to stop biting is that puppies love to be praised and given treats for their good deeds. This will give them enough motivation to behave appropriately and return the love you give them.


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