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How to Get Rid of a Double Chin

How to Get Rid of a Double Chin

When you laugh and smile from ear to ear, you can't help but notice that extra layer of flesh appearing under your chin, making your face look bigger and less youthful. With that, it's natural that you want to learn how to get rid of a double chin. The good news is that there are various ways to do just that. Here they are:

  1. The quickest, near-instant way of making that double chin disappear is with make-up. You can perform your regular make-up routine, although, on your neck, you should apply powder that's one shade darker than the powder you use on your face. This way, you create an illusion of depth. See to it that the powder is blended well, from ear to ear.

  2. Use a colorful blush and highlight your eyes so that you draw attention away from your neck. Apply eye liner, mascara, and some eye shadow to make your eyes pop. Use a neutral-colored lipstick, so you keep the focus on the upper portion of your face. Using a non-glossy type of lipstick also helps.

  3. Choose a haircut that is above your shoulders but below your chin.

    A long bob, layered waves, or an angled haircut where you have longer hair in the front than at the back also draws the eye away from your chin. Avoid hairstyles that stop at your chin or are too long because these can make your double chin more obvious.

  4. If you're a man, growing a beard is a great alternative as it covers up the double chin and can also make it look smaller. Let your beard be a bit thick to even things out, but keep it well-groomed.

  5. Eat right. Avoid salty food since having too much sodium in your body can make you retain water and look bloated, which makes your double chin more obvious. Also, you need to cut down on sugar and fat as these can make you gain weight faster and make the flesh under your chin sag even more. Substitute these foods with a lot of vegetables, fruits, and protein-rich foods like fish, legumes, and chicken.

  6. Aerobic exercise gets your heart rate up and boosts your metabolism, helping your body burn more fat. However, if you have pre-existing health conditions, you should consult your doctor about what cardio-based activities you can do without risking your health and safety.

  7. Improve your posture. You need to constantly check how you're sitting and standing so you develop the habit of going about your daily activities in the right posture. To ensure your back is straight and aligned, simply raise your arms straight up and and touch both palms together over your head. Maintain the posture you find yourself in when doing this. Hold this erect position as you slowly lower your arms to your sides. Do occasional checks at various times during the day by raising your arms again to ensure your posture is still good. See to it that your chair at work is ergonomic and supports your back.

  8. Doing exercises that target your chin can help firm the area. You can put a tennis ball or stress ball under your chin and hold it against your neck using just your chin. Press the ball with your chin for a few seconds, making sure you tighten the area under your chin as you do so. Release. Repeat 10 times.

  9. Your last resort is cosmetic surgery, where the doctor removes the excess fat under your chin and shortens the muscles under your jaw to eliminate the sag.

Knowing how to get rid of a double chin largely involves taking care of your health and eating right. If you're not careful about your diet and exercise inconsistently, it's highly possible that you will develop a double chin again.


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