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How to Get Rid of Age Spots on the Face

How to Get Rid of Age Spots on the Face

Dark brown, irregularly-shaped pigmented patches, age spots are signs of aging or too much sun exposure sometimes called liver spots because of their shape. Age spots often appear on skin that is most exposed to the sun like the face and hands. Here are ways on how to get rid of age spots on the face.

  1. Exfoliate

    The first step you can take at home is to exfoliate the skin. Removing the upper layer of the skin helps get rid of age spots. You can use a gentle facial scrub regularly, at least once a week. You can also use products containing chemicals that speed up exfoliation, such as glycolic acid.

  2. Bleach

    Another method is to bleach or whiten the age spots so that they blend in with the rest of your skin. Skin bleach products, such as those containing hydroquinone, stop the uneven production of brown pigments that cause age spots. The FDA has declared hydroquinone safe for the skin. It can be bought over the counter. Look for hydroquinone and other ingredients that are effective against age spots, such as kojic acid, topical tretinoin, and adapalene gel.

    While these products do not need a prescription, feel free to consult a dermatologist for any recommended brands. It might be that what you think are age spots are cancerous lesions, so it is best to have them checked.

  3. Try homemade remedies

    If the age spots are few and far in between, you might benefit from homemade remedies. Applying lemon juice several times a day and leaving it on helps lighten the age spots. You can also apply buttermilk since it contains lactic acid, which can lighten skin as well. Since yogurt has lactic acid too, you can try a yogurt and honey mask. Mix honey and yogurt in a one to one ratio, apply to the age spots, and then rinse after 5 to 10 minutes.

  4. Go to a professional

    If the homemade remedies don’t work or you are afraid to try them, a dermatologist can provide you with several options to remove age spots. They might prescribe gels, ointments, and creams first before suggesting procedures. Cryotherapy involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the age spots. After 10 to 20 days, the skin blisters and peels off, removing the age spots. If the age spot was frozen longer because of its large size, there might be a pale mark. Otherwise, the skin heals completely.

    The opposite of cryotherapy is cautery, which burns the age spot off. A scab forms on the cauterized skin, peels off, and may leave a tiny scar. Make sure that you allow the scab to fall off on its own instead of picking on it, however tempting it may be. Removing the scab before the skin heals results in scarring and maybe even infection.

    Curettage is advised if a sharp instrument can be used to scrap off the age spot. Excision, or cutting out the age spot from the skin, is sometimes done if there is suspicion of skin cancer. Another option, photodynamic therapy involves applying a chemical to the age spot and then burning it off with a laser or another strong source of light.

As you can see, some of the ways on how to get rid of age spots on the face can be costly. It is, therefore, best to keep applying sunscreen to protect the skin and prevent age spots.


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