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How to Get Rid of Blackheads

How to Get Rid of Blackheads

Blackheads, according to their medical definition, are widened hair follicles plugged with skin debris, oil, and bacteria. The plugs may be anywhere from yellowish to black in color, and are considered a prelude to pimples or acne. Oily skin is the most prone to blackheads, but even normal and dry skin can be plagued with them. Blackheads are most common during puberty as a result of higher hormone levels. The sebaceous glands go into overproduction, and oil accumulates in the pores. When this oil oxidizes, it turns dark. Although blackheads appear like small specks of dirt embedded in the pores, they cannot be removed by wiping or scrubbing. Worse, they tend to recur with annoying regularity in certain areas of the skin and body such as the nose area, the chin, and even the back. Read below to see our tips on how to get rid of blackheads if these bothersome blemishes are ruining your complexion:

  1. Clean your skin thoroughly but gently. Remember that these blackheads are made up in part of dead skin cell buildup, dirt, and bacteria.

    These can be addressed by a good skin cleaning routine. However, avoid irritating the skin or treating it roughly in an attempt to scrub out the blackheads; it won’t work, and will only cause more pores to be clogged as a result of inflammation.

  2. Keep your skin moisture balanced. Harsh cleaning can cause oily skin to dry out. If this happens, the oil glands will compensate by producing even more oil, ‘thinking’ that they are not making enough to keep the skin lubricated. Even oily skin could benefit from moisturizing as long as the right formulation is used.

  3. Always remove makeup completely before going to bed. You may think that a quick face wash takes care of that, but thorough makeup removal requires more. Use a makeup remover such as cleansing oil before washing your face, especially if you wear heavy foundations and waterproof bases. After washing, follow up with a non-alcohol toner.

  4. Get a deep cleansing facial at least once a month. Even with regular face cleaning, direct comedo extraction is the only thing that will remove blackheads.

  5. Avoid spreading bacteria and oil on your face. This may seem intuitive, but most of us are not aware of those of our habits that can cause the skin to be exposed to more oil and bacteria. You can make simple changes by disinfecting mobile phones with an antibacterial wipe at least once a day, changing pillow cases often, washing hands frequently, etc. You should also tie your hair to keep it off your face, chest or back. And as for makeup products, tools and applicators, refrain from using them once you suspect that they have been contaminated by bacteria. Make sure to only handle and apply makeup with clean hands and on clean skin, and take the time to deep clean your makeup tools at least once a week.

When figuring out how to get rid of blackheads, it is always a priority to handle the skin gently. The dirty appearance of comedones can be frustrating and embarrassing to some, but as doctors explain they are more complex than dirt (which would have been easy to scrub away). If you feel like they are too prominent, a layer of medium-to-full foundation or concealer can make them barely noticeable. Just remember to thoroughly cleanse your face of all makeup before retiring at night to avoid further compounding the problem.


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