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How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Chin

How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Chin

Almost always, your chin is a favorite spot for blackheads to appear.  Your nose is another popular spot. A chin filled dotted with blackheads is unappealing.  It is important to know how to get rid of blackheads on chin. All it takes is a little effort on your part. Here are some important pointers:

  1. Expose your face to a facial steamer opening your pores. This helps release the sebum or oil which is trapped inside your blackheads. If you can’t afford a facial steamer, you can also improvise. Boil a covered pot of water. Get a towel and put it over your head. Now open the lid and let the steam of the boiled water hit all of your face but especially your chin. Do this for about ten minutes. This will loosen the pores and let the sebum come out. Wash your face with warm water and facial cleanser to take them away.

  2. You can use an extractor to get rid of blackheads on your chin. Make sure you disinfect it first. An extractor is a piece of metal with a tiny loop on one end. Position a blackhead in the middle of this loop and gently apply pressure.

    e sebum will easily come out. Be careful not to push the extractor too hard since it can be painful and might leave marks which might not disappear for a long time.

  3. You can use Aloe Vera on your chin to get rid of blackheads. Fresh Aloe Vera will get faster results.  Break a stem or leaf squeezing it to extract the liquid. This plant has a natural healing quality which is helpful in getting rid of blackheads. If not, buy creams with a high Aloe Vera content. Read the label carefully.

  4. Visit your dermatologist for a careful face examination to determine your skin type and to receive both a treatment plan and a topical cream recommendation. One that is rich in retinoid is effective at blackhead removal.

  5. Use commercially available blackhead strip on your chin. Clean your face first with warm water and a gentle facial cleanser. Dry this with a clean towel and stick the blackhead strip on the affected area. Let it stay for a while and strip it off with a quick motion.  You will notice that many blackheads will be stuck on the strip but the deep seated ones will most likely remain.

  6. Have a facial session to take away the blackheads on your chin. Not all clinical assistants will be skilled at blackhead removal procedure. Do your research before selecting a clinic and interview the assistant before receiving your first treatment.

How to get rid of blackheads on chin is not expensive at all. You can even do it yourself with the use of commercially available creams and astringents. After removing the blackheads, apply ice on the surface to close the pores. Now that your face is blackhead-free, clean it before going to bed. If you don’t, the blackheads will come back. Avoid exposing your skin to direct heat after blackhead removal.


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