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How to Get Rid of Body Odor Down There

How to Get Rid of Body Odor Down There

It’s usual for women to be conscious of the way they smell and more so in their intimate area. Though it may be normal to notice certain odors due to the discharges and changes during your monthly menstrual cycle, sometimes the smell may be too strong. A lot of other factors, such as the foods you eat, an imbalance in bacteria, or certain hygienic practices, may affect the way your intimate area smells. If you’re looking for ways on how to get rid of body odor down there, our tips can help.

  1.  Check your undies. The material your underwear is made of may be contributing to the disagreeable smell. Though many women prefer satin and silk because they look and feel nicer on the skin, these fabrics may trap sweat and discharges, thereby increasing bacteria and odor in the area. Good old cotton panties are still the best because of their breathability. Also, avoid wearing panties that are too tight as these also lead to buildup of sweat and odor. Choose cotton panties that fit comfortably, and don’t forget to change every 12 hours or so.

  2. Wash the area daily. To keep bacteria, sweat and odor in check, it’s best to wash your intimates daily with warm water and mild soap or feminine wash. Daily washing helps rinse away the excess bacteria that may have grown, especially during days where you have more discharges than usual. Bacteria and other microorganisms love moist areas where they can readily thrive and multiply. When washing, stay away from strongly fragranced soaps as these may only irritate the area and totally strip the area of its acidity. Go for a mild soap or feminine wash that can cleanse without upsetting the normal pH balance of the vaginal area, which is naturally more acidic. A side note: washing and peeing after having sex can also help decrease foul odors in the area, since sexual activity can upset the natural balance of things down there.

  3. Be aware of the foods you eat. What you consume may contribute to vaginal odor. Foods that are very spicy or have a strong smell, like onions and garlic, tend to affect the odor down there. Excessive consumption of alcohol, red meat, dairy, and sweet, sugary food may also influence the smell. In extension, you can also consume foods that help tone down nasty odors. Examples are fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Moreover, yogurt is a great snack to help minimize odors, since it contains good bacteria that help maintain the proper pH of the vagina. The good bacteria in yogurt and other probiotic supplements can also fight off yeast infections, a common cause of foul odor down south.

  4. Trim regularly. Pubic hair is one of the culprits that increase bad odor in the private parts. It traps bacteria, sweat and discharges, thereby retaining foul odors. Untrimmed areas may also be a good breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes that can cause infections. That said, regular trimming (or waxing, if you’re up for that) can help eliminate bad odor.

  5. Wash with apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has antiseptic properties that help eliminate bad bacteria that cause nasty odors. Its acidic property is also good for improving and retaining the normal vaginal pH. Add a cup or two of apple cider vinegar to your bath. Soak in it for 15 to 20 minutes to get rid of toxins, bacteria and any foul odors. Do this twice or thrice a week to get immediate results. You can also consume apple cider vinegar to help increase vaginal acidity. A tablespoon or two mixed with a glass of water will do. You can also consume 2 tablespoons of pure apple cider vinegar if you can tolerate its sourness.

  6. Rinse with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a potent antibacterial and antifungal. You can use three drops added to a cup of water to rinse the vaginal area and get rid of foul odors. Frequent use, about four to seven times a week, can help maintain a pleasant smell and keep bad odors at bay.

 Applying any of these tips on how to get rid of body odor down there can make you more confident and less self-conscious. If you’ve tried these steps and still notice a foul, fishy odor, it may be time to see a doctor to check for any infections that may be causing it. If you have other symptoms like pain, itching and burning in the area, chances are it is a vaginal infection. A consultation with your doctor, along with some medications, may help treat it and eliminate any unusual odors.


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