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how to get rid of calcium deposits on teeth

how to get rid of calcium deposits on teeth

In your quest for a bright, shiny smile, have you ever wanted to learn how to get rid of calcium deposits on teeth? Calcium deposits are a form of hard dental plaque – that thin film that attaches to teeth and eventually causes gingivitis. Also known as calculus or tartar, it is caused by continuous and prolonged buildup of minerals from saliva that attach to plaque that’s already on the surface of the tooth. The best way to fight calcium deposit is prevention: the key is good dental hygiene habits. Brush your teeth after every meal, if possible, or at least twice a day, and floss at least once a day. Know how to brush properly so you get the most payback for your effort. The purpose of brushing is to keep the surface of teeth smooth and clean so that there is no chance for minerals from the saliva to cling to the teeth and accumulate there over time. The more you keep your teeth clean, the less tartar or calculus can build up in the surface:  the less buildup, the less calcium deposit. Once calcium deposits appear, they are difficult to remove. It is far easier to keep calcium deposits off your teeth than it is to remove the buildup.

If you do have calcium deposits, here’s what you can do.

  1. See your dental health care professional for advice on what to do about it. Some people are more prone to tartar and calculus buildup, and your dental care may need some adjustment to avoid worsening the problem. Your dentist or dental care professional can tell you what you need to do and schedule appointments to clean your teeth regularly and more thoroughly.

  2. Some people dread a visit to the dentist so much that they put it off until it becomes very necessary. Such an attitude is counter-productive, as it only worsens the problems you may have with your teeth, thus guaranteeing a difficult time at the clinic. Going to the dentist regularly will help keep your teeth cleaner and healthier so that you can avoid the painful tooth problems that make dental visits scary.

  3. Find toothpaste that has zinc citrate as an ingredient. Although there’s no proven toothpaste that can remove calcium deposits, every little thing helps. You could also use hydrogen peroxide mixed with a little baking soda to use in brushing. Many people have been successful in whitening their teeth by using 3% hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash daily. The peroxide and baking soda probably de-calcifies tartar buildup, thus whitening the teeth in the process.

  4. Try using an electric or motorized toothbrush. As with anything, using the right tool will do the job more effectively. A motorized toothbrush used correctly and for the appropriate duration will clean your teeth better than just an ordinary toothbrush.

  5. On your next appointment, ask your dental health care professional for a fluoride treatment. When administered by a trained professional, a fluoride treatment will get your teeth cleaner than an ordinary home care regimen.

For most people getting rid of calcium deposits on teeth boils down to having, a gleaming and glowing smile. In that case, what is needed is other options that improve the teeth’s appearance. These may include air abrasion (dentists use a machine to blow crystals onto the surface of the teeth to remove the calcium deposit); bonding (applying white filling to teeth so they are a uniform color); or veneer (applying a thin cover over the teeth for cosmetic and protective purposes). But if it’s information on how to get rid of calcium deposits on teeth you’re after, then the above tips may give you all the help you need.


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