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How to Get Rid of Calluses

How to Get Rid of Calluses

Lovely feet are smooth, supple, well-groomed, and soft. However, at the end of a long day on your feet, your footsies may feel a bit worse for wear and on the rough side, too. With that, is it possible to ever keep them callus-free? Making sure that your feet are well-taken care of requires commitment and consistency. That's because calluses can reoccur—and they're not the kind of problem that will go away and never come back. The payoff to this is problem-free feet that can let you do what you need to do, day in and day out. So now the question is, how to get rid of calluses?

  1. Keep in mind that a callus is a portion of skin that has hardened due to repeated rubbing, pressure, or irritation. The key is to minimize the effects of friction on your feet.

  2. First, you need to get the right footwear. See to it that your shoes are not too tight or rub your feet the wrong way, causing discomfort. Also, they must be padded so that the balls of your feet, as well as your heels and toes, are cushioned and less likely to be exposed to friction.


  3. You may use foot care accessories such as padded insoles, silicone, or foam wedges, to improve your shoes' lining and prevent it from rubbing against your feet too much. You can also use socks or ankle stockings to help protect your feet from the effects of friction.

  4. Another way to keep calluses at bay is by exfoliating your soles. At least once a week, do a foot soak so that you soften those hardened layers. Use warm water mixed with bath oils, Epsom salts, or some other foot-softening products. For harsh calluses, add a cup of apple cider vinegar—unless you have poor blood circulation or diabetes. Soak your feet for about 10 minutes. You can also do the same thing with your elbows and hands.

  5. With a rough-textured washcloth, loofah, or pumice stone, scrub away the hardened skin using moderate or light pressure and circular strokes, depending on the severity of the callus. Give yourself ample time to rub away at your skin to ensure that the process is gradual and will not have you over-sloughing skin. If you feel more sensation in the affected areas, stop. Don't wait until you feel pain before you cease scrubbing as your skin may turn red or feel irritated.

  6. Once you've rinsed your feet and other affected areas, pat them dry and apply moisturizer. Use a foot lotion with a thicker formulation to ensure optimal moisturization. You can also reapply the product on the callused areas or the spots where you're most likely to develop a callus. Then, at bedtime, wear socks and gloves after reapplying the lotion so you seal in the moisture and help your skin absorb it effectively.

  7. If you've developed exceptionally hardened skin on certain areas of your body, have it checked by your doctor. Don't risk your skin's health by trying to resolve such problems yourself as it may lead to infection and even escalate the condition. Also, your podiatrist or physician may recommend treatment that needs professional supervision or, in rare cases, even surgery.

  8. The secret in learning how to get rid of calluses lies in consistency and constancy. If you scrub and moisturize affected areas every day and wear the right footwear, there's no reason why your feet and hands can't remain callus-free.

A final reminder: Consult your doctor if you encounter unusual skin conditions so that you avoid the guesswork and have the problem resolved right away before it gets worse.


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