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How to Get Rid of Cat Spray Smell

How to Get Rid of Cat Spray Smell

Cats have their way of insisting to other cats that the place is indeed their territory by spraying or peeing on it. Perhaps this is not surprising to cat owners. This is something you cannot ignore when you are living with cats for a substantial period of time. This is why there’s a great importance on how to get rid of cat spray smell. Aside from cleaning the affected spots in your households, you can come up with home remedies or commercially formulated sprays with enzymes to really eliminate traces of the foul smell. Try these suggestions:

  1. Clean the area where the cat sprayed by using a piece of cloth or paper to absorb the leaks. Once the surface is dry, mop it up with a damped mop. Remove foot mats or carpets if they are wet with urine. Wash the mats if they are washable in a washing machine and shampoo and vacuum the carpets.

  2. Dilute a portion of vinegar into a container of water. The vinegar and water must be measured equally depending on how much you need. You can use this in rinsing the ground or floor affected by the cat’s urine.


  3. Improvise your own cleaning solution by combining a cup of solution with 3% hydrogen peroxide and 1 scoop of liquid soap. Pour the mixture inside a spray bottle and shake well. Scatter small amounts of baking soda where there are urine traces and spray with the mixture you just created. You can penetrate into the carpet’s fibers by scrubbing the affected parts gently. Vacuum when dry.

  4. You can also purchase commercial carpet solutions and odor neutralizers if you want a quick fix. Choose the products that disinfect dirty areas rather than conceal the odor with perfumed solutions. Enzymes-based substances are appropriate for this purpose. They just don’t cover the odor but break their particles down to totally eliminate the source of the bad smell.

  5. White vinegars and apple ciders can also neutralize odors, so you can add at least ½ cup of either the vinegar or apple cider to your washables in the washing machine. Sprinkle a mixture of water and vinegar on wherever you suspect has been sprayed.

  6. If you think that the damage is extensive and many delicate furnishings are affected, let the experts do it. They have the advanced tools and methods for carpet cleaning and other materials. They are capable of steam cleaning the whole area of your household interior with the best methods available for effective and long lasting effects.

You have few choices on how to get rid of cat spray smell. You will not be financially burdened by it if you know some alternatives using homemade cleaning mixtures. Anything can be hygienic if you are diligent enough to move around and do the cleaning yourself. Should you decide to let a professional cleaning company do it, just spare a minimal budget for it. You can be sure that the service will be worth every penny you spend. You can also do minor clean ups every weekend and do general cleaning every month – aside from daily maintenance work. It’s a good way to exercise as well as ensure that your place is well-sanitized at all times.


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