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How to Get Rid of Facial Hair on Women

How to Get Rid of Facial Hair on Women

If baldness is upsetting for men, hairiness in the wrong spots can be awkward for women. However, learning how to get rid of facial hair for women is more feasible than implanting hairs for men. For each woman, a particular hair removal technique is likely to be the most ideal. Ultimately, it is her tolerance, availability, hair type, and skin-sensitivity level that will determine which technique she embraces. Consider the following possibilities:

  1. Examine your face and remember the location of the hairs that you want to eliminate. If you have very bushy eyebrows, trace out a suitable shape on your eyebrows and pluck the excess hairs on the sides, at the starting points, and at the ends. You can also trim the eyebrows somewhat if the hairs within the trace are very long and can undermine the right shape. You can shave off the very short hairs that the tweezers won’t nip. Repeat the process when you feel that your eyebrows are getting back to their original shape. Another option is to go to a beauty salon and have your eyebrows threaded.


  2. Make use of the effective threading method. The manual version involves the use of a thread, tightly held between the fingers in such a way that it plucks the hairs caught between its folded parts. You can also purchase a hair removal “threader” – a device equipped with a quality, coated, hypoallergenic spring. One brand is Epicare. It allows you to thread in the comfort of your own home by rolling it on the hairy areas. However, you have to make your skin firm and tight when you do it. You can use this device on the cheeks, near the ears, on the forehead, above and below the lips, or on any area that you can tighten voluntarily.

  3. Look above the upper lip or below the nose to see if you have some moustache-like hairs. These are very painful to pluck, but can be bleached if they are not too thick. You can also use a hair removal cream for a more restrained option. Apply enough cream to cover the patch of hairs and wipe it off with a moistened cloth after half an hour or so. Test on a minimal area first to see if the hairs are easily removed. If not, leave it on for a longer period until they can be removed smoothly. Look at the packet to see if a scraper comes with the cream and use that instead. Some depilatory creams can be washed off.

  4. Moisturize and condition your skin if you feel disoriented hairs on your face but are not bothered to remove them because they are not really noticeable. This will make the rough feeling disappear. However, the condition will remain unless you exfoliate your skin regularly (at least once a week). Use a mixture of 2 tablespoonfuls of honey, 2 tablespoonfuls of olive oil, 1 tablespoonful of pineapple juice, and ¼ cup of sugar as your natural exfoliating agent.

  5. Seek the doctor’s advice if your hair problems are uncontrollable. They could be caused by abnormal hormonal levels in the body. In such cases, the doctor is likely to prescribe Dianette, a hormone control pill suitable for this sort of condition. This should be taken daily and the results will be evident after 6 or more months. Dianette is actually a birth control pill with testosterone-blocking effects.

Figuring out how to get rid of facial hair on women is possible, depending on how extensive it is. You can opt for modern procedures or for remedies adapted from ancient times.


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