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How to Get Rid of Fecal Body Odor

How to Get Rid of Fecal Body Odor How to Get Rid of Fecal Body Odor

Everyone has a unique scent. However, some people suffer from unpleasant body odor, or worse, fecal body odor. Unlike the regular body order, fecal body odor is harder to get rid of because it stems from a metabolic disorder, especially among people with primary and secondary trimethylaminuria. The strong and foul body odor that they emit depends on various factors, including hormonal changes, diet, and stress levels. Here are some ways on how to get rid of fecal body odor to help you out:

  1. Change your diet. One of the possible reasons why you have fecal body odor is because of the foods that you eat. Changing your diet can help eliminate or minimize body odor. If you are fond of eating red meat, dairy products, sugars, alcohol, eggs, and beans, you should try removing them from your diet because they are usually the culprits of body odor. You should likewise avoid any processed foods, spicy foods, fried foods, and fast food, since they contain a lot of chemicals that might be interacting negatively with your hormones. Aside from diet, consider other lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking and alcohol drinking, as both contribute to foul body odor.

  2. Undergo detoxification. Detoxify your body to get rid of all the wastes and toxins that may be causing your body odor. Cleansing your system involves eating raw foods like fruits, vegetables, and nuts for several days or weeks, depending on your detoxification program. You can also find a variety of cleansing products, such as juices.

  3. Try taking probiotics. Another reason why you may have unpleasant body odor is the proliferation of bacteria in your gastrointestinal system. While you have normal flora in your gut, there are instances when bad bacteria flourish instead because of the foods that you eat. A good source of probiotics is yogurt, which you can easily find in any grocery store. You can also try probiotics supplements. Consult your doctor regarding increase of dosage of probiotics in order to combat the symptom of fecal body odor.

  4. Have regular bowel movements. As part of your detoxification process, you should work on having regular bowel movements at least once a day. This will help flush out the toxins in your body. To ensure a daily bowel movement, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. You should also eat more fiber-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

  5. Practice good hygiene. Hygiene alone will not help get rid of fecal body odor because it is a metabolic problem. However, having good hygiene is still one of the ways that you can minimize body odor in general. You should take a bath or shower daily. Pay special attention to problem areas, such as the underarms, feet, and genitals. Brush and floss your teeth two to three times a day, most especially after meals. You should also wear clean and fresh clothes every day.

The key on how to get rid of fecal body odor is determining what causes it. Once you know the causes, it is easier to find remedies that target these problem areas in order to eliminate fecal body odor from your system. If the aforementioned remedies do not work, do not forget to consult your doctor so that he or she can prescribe effective treatments for your fecal body odor


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