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How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

Fleas can be very annoying to you and your dog. They can be a health hazard too as they are disease carriers.  This is the main reason why it is important to learn how to get rid of fleas on dogs. When your dog becomes irritable and starts to itch a lot, chances are fleas are giving it problems.  Here are some suggestions to help you solve this problem:

  1. Regularly give your pet a bath and use flea shampoo or flea repellent products on it.  You can ask your veterinarian to suggest a good product for you, thus saving you the trouble of doing trial and error. Very strong chemicals might solve the flea infestation, but they can cause your dog to develop other problems like skin irritations. After the bath, dry it and brush its hair thoroughly.  Use a flea comb to make the fleas slide away from your dog’s body. Submerge the comb in soapy water to get rid of the fleas.

  2. Clean and disinfect your household and environment. Fleas don’t thrive in a clean environment, so in a tidy house they cannot go near your pet dog.

    be mindful of where your pet goes; he might be able to pick up the fleas from your neighbor’s household and pets. Your neighbor’s environment and pet is beyond your control, but you can keep your dog from going near them if you think they lack good hygiene.

  3. In case of severe infestation, apply dishwashing liquid to your dog’s body. Lather it well and massage its whole body. This will suffocate the fleas, ensuring the safety of your dog. Be sure to rinse the dog thoroughly with a generous amount of water afterward.

  4. You can also mix 1/3 of apple cider vinegar with 2/3 of water and apply it to your dog’s fur. Your pet will definitely smell like vinegar, but it will keep the fleas away as they dislike the smell. A little sacrifice will save you and your pet a lot of trouble from fleas.

  5. In an 8 ounce of water, submerge a cut lemon and leave it for a while.  Spray this onto your dog’s fur. It will smell fresh, but the fleas will not like the scent of the lemon and will leave your dog alone. Do this as often as necessary and wipe off excess water from your pet’s body.

  6. Put a few drops of lavender in your pet’s shampoo. Fleas do not like the smell of lavender and will not like to stay long on your dog’s body.

  7. Include garlic and brewer’s yeast in your dog’s meals. This will repel the fleas. Furthermore, keep him well-nourished as healthy bodies don’t easily get infested by fleas. They prefer to thrive on malnourished bodies with skin irritations and poor hygiene.

Save your pet dog from trouble by making it flea-free.  A small investment on the items mentioned above will free it from discomfort. Know how to get rid of fleas on dogs by heart to protect your dog from these harmful parasites. Fleas can also infect you and your family members, so take care of the problem immediately.


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