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How to Get Rid of Foot Odor

How to Get Rid of Foot Odor

The feet are one of the areas on the body that has a high concentration of sweat glands. This, combined with the fact that we spend most of the day wearing socks and closed shoes, means that foot odor can be an issue whenever bacteria on the skin mixes with sweat. It is possible for a person to bathe every day and still have foot odor. Although men are typically the ones with the reputation for stinky feet, women—and even children—can develop it as well due to poor foot care habits. Once you suspect (or are told) that you have smelly feet, do something about it. Foot odor problems just get worse and worse the longer you ignore them—pretty soon, other people won’t be able to. Here’s how to get rid of foot odor:

  1. There are two ingredients for foot odor to occur: moisture and bacteria. Foot soaks will get rid of most bacteria colonies on the skin so that they can’t cause your sweat to stink. There are several DIY foot soaks that you can easily make from common ingredients in the house like black tea, vinegar, and Epsom salts. Choose one of these to put in a foot bath or a bucket and steep it in enough warm water to cover your feet.

    your clean feet for fifteen minutes or more, and then dry with a towel without rinsing. Do this every day, ideally right before bedtime.

  2. Always wear socks with closed toe footwear. The socks will absorb moisture from your feet so that it doesn’t get into the lining of the shoes. Make sure to only wear fresh, dry socks daily; never wear a pair that you have already worn before, even if it was only for a short time.

  3. Clean your shoes to make sure that they are not harboring bacteria inside. Generously spray the inner lining with a disinfectant such as Lysol or just use a diluted vinegar solution. Let it completely air dry for several days then sprinkle some baking soda on the inside to absorb any remaining odor and moisture. If a pair of shoes remains stinky even after a thorough cleaning and drying, just chuck them out; the bacteria has probably gotten too deep into the lining material.

  4. Have several pairs of shoes in daily rotation; that way, the most recently-worn pair can have a few days to dry out before being used again. Even if you happen to be wearing socks, some moisture will still be trapped inside, and a good airing out will let it evaporate so that bacteria cannot feed on it.

  5. Use socks that are made of absorbent materials like cotton or silk. Before putting on socks or shoes, you can apply a generous amount of foot spray or foot powder to reduce sweating.

  6. Whenever possible, let shoes and socks dry out for several hours in direct sunlight. The sun’s UV rays are very effective in killing off bacteria that cause feet to smell. If your feet just produce too much sweat, you may consider the need to change socks and shoes in the middle of the day.

These tips on how to get rid of foot odor should be made a part of your daily grooming routine. You may have sweaty feet, but as long as you keep them clean, you won’t go around smelling like something died inside your shoes.


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