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How to get rid of forehead wrinkles

How to get rid of forehead wrinkles is not a question that only the insufferably vain ever ask. Sure, wrinkles are a sign of a life well lived, the inevitable marks of all the thoughts and emotions that have passed across our faces. Worry lines, laugh lines, crow’s feet, they’re all there. They should be carried with pride. However, the harsh truth is that for many of us, wrinkles are caused not by age but by bad habits. Squinting, frowning, squeezing our foreheads while we talk, smoking, improper skin care -- all these take a toll on our faces and leave marks that age us prematurely. Forehead wrinkles, in particular, often show up early and are difficult to remove. Nevertheless, there are ways to remove (or at least minimize) them, and here we will explore various options.

  1. Facial exercises. There may be truth to some people’s claims that doing facial exercises will strengthen and tighten the facial muscles and counter the repeated expressions that form permanent marks on our faces. This isn’t scientifically proven, maybe because each person’s face and facial expressions are unique and no single exercise works for everyone.

    you could explore this option for three months and see if it works for you.

  2. Moisturizers and makeup. The importance of moisturizer cannot be emphasized enough. Dry skin worsens the appearance and condition of wrinkles, that’s why it’s important to keep the skin hydrated. Even though these do not really remove wrinkles, at least moisturizers help lessen the harshness. Makeup, especially powder, settles into lines and wrinkles. These result in uneven, cakey appearance. But the right makeup and correct application can minimize wrinkles, especially fine ones. Invest in good quality makeup. Find products that work for your skin type. Try those that have light-reflecting properties, which work by bouncing light off the face and giving you a glowing, radiant look. Learn to apply makeup properly, especially foundation and concealer around the eye area. This works wonders.

  3. Anti-wrinkle creams. The cosmetics industry has poured huge amounts of money into discovering the fountain of youth, and while no single product has proven to be a cure-all, there have been improvements in this regard. Most products touted to be anti-wrinkle are said to do so due to collagen and elastin ingredients. However, these are not very effective because collagen and elastin are produced in the body and are not readily absorbed through the skin. Look for products that promote collagen and elastin production. This way you are working with your body to counteract wrinkles from inside, where it starts, and where it counts.

  4. Chemical peels. Some over-the-counter peels can be done at home to lightly strip off the outermost layer of skin and uncover new skin beneath. This has its dangers, so be sure to closely follow the instructions on the box and do a patch test first. The better option (though just as risky, but at least you’re in the care of professionals) is to go to a doctor for a dermabrasion or chemical peel. It works the same way but a chemical peel is stronger and result in more even complexion, diminishing the appearance of fine lines.

  5. Botox and Dysport injections. These are expensive measures, but many people do swear by them. Dysport are said to give longer lasting results than Botox. Injections work by temporarily preventing muscle movement. You will notice that people who’ve obviously had botox injections have stiff foreheads and lose expression on that part of the face. By immobilizing muscles, wrinkles can’t furrow and are prevented from worsening. However, the effect doesn’t last long and injections have to be done repeatedly to keep enjoying the benefits. They do provide almost instant results. That’s why they are the method of choice.

  6. Browlift. By far the most drastic option, this is a simple surgical procedure where the brow is “lifted” – that is, an incision is made along the hairline and the skin of the brow is lifted up so that the wrinkles are straightened up and away. Care must be taken in the choice of a doctor, since a poor browlift may erase wrinkles but at the same time give a person a permanently surprised expression or too high a forehead.

Despite our best efforts, wrinkles will appear eventually. The important thing is preventing wrinkles from occurring in the first place through good lifestyle habits, healthy diet, exercise and proper rest. But when they do appear, knowing how to get rid of forehead wrinkles can help you battle them to good effect.


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