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How to Get Rid of Love Handles Fast

How to Get Rid of Love Handles Fast

Belly fat has been called many names. One of them is “love handles,” which, according to fitness trainer Kyla Gagnon, became a popular slang term in the 1960s when the ab exercises in vogue at that time targeted these body parts. The term may sound romantic and delicious, but having them doesn't do your figure any favors. And that is precisely why you're now looking for suggestions on how to get rid of love handles fast—you don't want to have an inch to pinch!

  1. Diet is a huge part of your fat-burning regimen. In fact, it makes up about 80-90 percent of it. This means that no amount of crunches and exercises will trim down your belly fat if you don't eat right. As such, you should reduce or eliminate food that has a lot of sugar, bad fat, and salt. Replace these with fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins. Add fun to your diet by preparing your greens in a variety of ways. For example, you can turn them into smoothies or salads.

  2. Gagnon told the Huffington Post that the essential step is to strengthen the muscles under the layer of fat.

    is way, you develop more muscle tissue in your body, which helps boost your metabolism and burns more fat. So, combine a good diet with exercises that strengthen your body and target those love handles, such as the side plank and the low plank.

  3. You can also use a stability ball for a modified plank that targets that stubborn layer of fat around your belly. Place your forearms and elbows on the ball. After you've found your balance, try to assume and hold a plank position for about a minute. Work your way up to two minutes, doing 10 repeats.

  4. The good old bicycle crunch is also another option. Lie on a flat surface and elevate your legs until they're at a 90-degree angle. Then, bring your left knee towards your chest and, at the same time, twist your torso upwards and to the side a bit so your right elbow reaches over to meet your left knee. The other leg should be stretched straight out and parallel to the floor as you do this. Then, do the same thing with the right knee and your left elbow, remembering to stretch your left leg out straight and above the floor as you do so. You should feel the sides of your waist working hard during this exercise.

  5. Another option is the Russian twist, where you'll be in a seated position, legs bent and feet flat on the floor. Contract your ab muscles and lean back a bit, keeping your back straight as you do so. Then, twist your torso from side to side at a moderate pace. Your arms should be away from your body and slightly outstretched. Do ten reps and complete ten sets. If you want to add more challenge to this routine, try tapping your right hand on the floor to your left when twisting to the left, and vice versa. To add even more of a challenge, you can also do these twists with your feet slightly lifted off the floor.

  6. Combine your strengthening workouts with cardio-based activities, like dancing, running, swimming, biking, stair climbs, and jumping jacks. Thirty minute cardio exercises effectively help your body burn fat.

  7. Avoid bottled or canned drinks, including apple juice. That's because most of these beverages, even the fruit-based ones, are packed with sugar and get into your system (and turn into stored fat) faster. Rather than canned or bottled fruit juices, go for fresh ones, instead. You get more fiber and feel more satiated without all the sugar and calories. Avoid sodas and alcoholic drinks, too. If you want to drink tea, don't add milk or sugar to it.

Make sure that you get at least seven hours of sleep every night, so you're less likely to crave high-calorie foods. The key to learning how to get rid of love handles fast is activating your metabolism, so it burns continually and optimally. With that, you should eat about five to six small meals daily so you keep your metabolism going, instead of starving yourself.


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