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How to Get Rid of Mange on a Dog

How to Get Rid of Mange on a Dog

Mange is a dreaded parasite of dogs. There are different types, and although some are not so harmful, they are all very annoying. They can also cause anxiety and a great deal of discomfort to your pet. To avoid this, you should be aware of how to get rid of mange on a dog. Your dog is definitely helpless against this and will be at your mercy. Here are tips for you to consider:

  1. Don’t hesitate to consult your veterinarian right away when you see any of the symptoms of mange or canine scabies on your dog. These usually include itching of the affected areas, thinning of the hair around the eyes and mouth, and soreness on the areas affected.  Mange is caused by mites, and some are really harmful and contagious, even to human beings. A consultation with a veterinarian can help you avoid trial and error while determining the proper medication for your dog’s condition. Most vets prescribe topical ointments to be applied on the affected areas daily to ease the itchiness and soreness. Also ask the vet if you can use some mite killer on your dog.

    is should also be applied on the affected areas.

  2. Give your dog a daily bath with the use of medicated soap or organic shampoo. Lather and massage the affected areas. Groom the affected areas just like you do when you are getting rid of fleas as some mites are big and can be seen by the naked eye. Make sure to dispose of the captured mites properly so that they will not just jump to the next host. As some mites can also transfer to humans, be sure to protect yourself. Do not use your bare hands when treating affected portions on your dog.

  3. Let your dog fast for five to seven days, after which you can give it healthy and nutritious meals to get rid of toxins. This will make it strong enough to fight against infection when it is infested with mange. Mange usually infects unhealthy puppies and adult dogs too. Keeping your dog in the best of health is the best way to prevent mange infestation. It can save you the trouble of seeing a vet, and the expense of treating your pet dog.

  4. Keep your dog’s living space clean always. Disinfect it from time to time as parasites like mites thrive in unclean places. It is important not to let your dog go to other places that you know to be dirty. It might get into contact with the parasites there. Teach your dog the discipline to stay only where you intend it to stay. This can help it avoid being infected. As the cleanliness of undesignated areas is beyond your control, you can cage your dog if you must and bring it out on a leash when you are available. Leaving it on its own will make it prone to threats on its health and well-being.

When detected and treated early, mange on dogs is not life threatening.  Most mites that cause mange thrive for only three weeks, but if no action is taken they can multiply and cause more damage and other secondary infections. These can be more life threatening. Your dog will also suffer anxiety and loss of appetite and become irritable, which will weaken its immune system and make it prone to other diseases. Learn how to get rid of mange on a dog by heart to save your dog from excessive stress and discomfort. As a responsible owner, this is your duty. Your dog will not only be loyal to you, but will also accompany you for a long span of time.


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