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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast

Stretch marks are unsightly scarring that result from the skin stretching too much or too quickly as in the case of pregnancy. On the other hand, drastic weight loss can also result in stretch marks that start out red or purple and then turn white in time. In addition, sudden weight gain or quick muscle gain may force the skin to stretch too soon. Removal of stretch marks is difficult but possible. Try these ways on how to get rid of stretch marks fast.

  1. Start early

    It is highly recommended that you try get rid of stretch marks as soon as they appear when they are still reddish or purplish. At this point, most home remedies will prove to be effective. Examples include applying aloe vera gel, lavender oil, almond oil, glycerin, and lemon. Once the stretch marks turn brown then silver white after a while, they will be very hard to remove.

  2. Tretinoin cream

    There are a lot of creams that claim to erase stretch marks quickly.

    Tretinoin cream, often sold under the popular brand name Retin-A, has been shown to decrease the appearance of stretch marks by 14 to 20 percent in as short as two weeks. This is because the cream encourages the skin to produce new skin cells to replace the scarred area. At the start of the year, you can apply the cream regularly, and you should have clear skin once bikini season sets in. Rub a loofah on the area while showering as well to amplify results. Note that tretinoin cream works best for stretch marks that are six weeks old or less. Creams with alpha-hydroxy-acid will work too.

  3. Undergo laser surgery

    Laser surgery has been proven to show positive results in making stretch marks fade quickly so they are barely noticeable. A tool called an excimer laser zaps the area and stimulates the melanin of the skin, which is responsible for its color. Consequently, the stretch marks match the natural color of your skin. Another laser surgery option is pulsed dye laser treatment. This procedure fixes the skin by correcting the scars that show as stretch marks. A nice side effect of laser surgery is that it encourages the body to produce new collagen, which is vital to the health of the skin and improves skin elasticity. Laser surgery is recommended for old and stubborn stretch marks. Note that it might not be advisable for those with dark skin.

  4. Try microdermabrasion

    Since exfoliation helps get rid of stretch marks, microdermabrasion, exfoliation on steroids, can work. The procedure utilizes a sandblast type of tool that rubs away the top layers of the skin where the stretch marks are visible. A dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or aesthetician performs the procedure. Tiny pieces of silicon dioxide are blasted at the skin and skin cells that come off are suctioned away. Because the process abrades the skin, it will be raw and irritated, and you will need to make sure that you apply sunscreen on it when you go out. Once your skin heals, you will have no stretch marks, and fine lines will have disappeared as well.

As you decide between these ways on how to get rid of stretch marks fast, make sure that you apply moisturizer often and eat a healthy diet. Consult your doctor on taking vitamin E, vitamin K, zinc, and fish oil supplements, which help improve the texture and elasticity of your skin so you donÂ’t add to your stretch marks.


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