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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Excessive hair can be sexy provided that it is in the right places. Many people, especially ladies, are better off without it for obvious reasons. The hair can be removed or minimized using various methods. You can learn how to get rid of unwanted hair by reading through the options listed below. Note that the process of hair removal is not extensive when the area to be cleared is small, e.g. the moustache area:

  1. Continue the tradition of plucking hairs from your arm pit. This technique has been patronized by many generations because, even if it hurts a bit in the beginning, constant plucking can eliminate the roots of the stubborn hairs in time. When this happens, the armpits become permanently hairless. Don’t use this method in areas where you want the hair to grow back (for instance, the eyebrow area).

  2. Make the hairs less visible by lightening them with bleach. There is no need to remove the hairs from the moustache area, armpits, or legs with this method. When their shades are softened, they simply blend into the skin color.


  3. Use depilatory cream on unwanted hair, especially on the legs. Hair-removal creams must be applied to the hairy areas and left on for half an hour or more. Afterwards, try scraping the cream off to see if the hairs are removed with the cream. The hairs must be a bit long (about half a centimeter long) for the best results. See to it that the hairs are completely removed before wiping off all the cream. Use depilatory creams on sensitive areas like the bikini line. Follow the directions on the packet carefully and rinse the cream off with the hairs.

  4. Shave regularly as part of your bathing routine. This is ideal for the legs, armpits, and chest, but not for facial hair like a moustache. Shaving would make it grow back thicker and more obviously. Use a shaving cream to smooth the process and moisturize the skin.

  5. Experience being hair-free for at least 3 weeks by waxing. This is suitable for small areas like eyebrows and wider areas such as legs, the chest, and the back. Bikini waxing is offered at upmarket salons, but you can also do it yourself. Just purchase a waxing kit containing paraffin, oil and resin. Follow the directions for mixing the wax, applying it, and removing it with the hairs.

  6. Go for the natural way to remove unwanted hairs. This works like waxing but uses sugar instead of wax. Mix a cup of sugar with half a cup of water until they turn into paste. Apply it to the hairy part and let it dry before pulling it off like a bandage. This is economical. It produces the same level of discomfort as waxing, but the hair returns faster.

As you learn how to get rid of unwanted hair, note that advanced options include electrolysis and laser hair removal. Electrolysis is the process of removing single hairs using electricity and a very slim needle. This will take around a year to complete, but it can take less if you are very patient and can bear the pain of the procedure often. You can also get rid of these hairs easily by undergoing laser hair removal. The laser vaporizes the hair pigments, destroying the follicles responsible for regrowth.


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