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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Permanently

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Permanently

“Hirsutism” or excessive hair growth on the body is a burden, not only for women, but also for men. It can be a symptom of a hereditary condition, or may result from a hormonal imbalance. Medical attention is needed to properly address this issue. If you are wondering how to get rid of unwanted hair permanently, you have two recommended options: electrolysis and laser hair removal. These methods are innovative, have been tested, and have proven to be effective for many patrons. Read on to learn what they entail: Electrolysis

  1. Learn how it’s done prior to the treatment so that you know what to expect. This process is guaranteed to succeed because it destroys the roots of the hair follicles using a modern metal probe. A disinfected needle is inserted into each hair follicle, and using an electric current of minimal charge, disrupts its ability to grow hair.

  2. If you have long been waxing or tweezing to remove unwanted hairs, electrolysis is not for you. The former remedies are likely to have already bent or misshapen your hair follicles, making it hard for the metal probe to detect your roots properly.


  3. Prepare to spend a substantial amount ($60 for each of about 30 sessions) to get permanent results. This technique solves the problem in the long-term, so it’s actually worth your money.

  4. Be sure that you have strong resistance to pain or are willing to put up with pain for the entirety of the process. Too much whining can lengthen it. The process should last 30 minutes per session.

  5. Finally, choose a reputable salon manned by a licensed electrologist for your safety. If you feel like you won’t be able to bear any of the above steps, opt for the semi-permanent remedy below:

Laser Hair Removal
  1. Don’t expect laser hair removal to eliminate unwanted hair forever. The hair will come back after a period of time. However, it is a convenient and painless procedure, so you can go back for a new session when the hair resurfaces.

  2. Make sure you can sustain the cost of the recommended number of sessions with the laser specialist to achieve the best results. It will be around $150 per session, depending on your location. Each treatment will last 20 to 45 minutes and will occur at monthly intervals.

  3. Be aware that laser treatment has limitations when used on dark skin and on grey, red, and blond hair. Pigmentation can also result from possible burning when the laser targets the dark melanin of the skin.

  4. Get a patch test on the leg area to make sure that your skin is not too sensitive for this treatment. If there are no reactions such as redness after several hours, then you can go through with the laser treatment.

  5. Shave the target area the night before your session so that it won’t be too receptive to the laser.

  6. If the laser technician is a certified aesthetician, he or she will protect any tattoos and moles you may have with white pencils. In addition, he or she will wear well-fitting goggles to protect the eyes, and will manage treatment time efficiently (at least 20 minutes for women and 45 minutes for men). If your laser technician does not meet these standards, simply do not return. Instead, find a better outlet for your future treatments.

Laser is an advanced form of technology and has been used medically for hair removal over the past several years. It is non-invasive and has proven to be highly popular among those who want to learn how to get rid of unwanted hair permanently.


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