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How to Get Tan Fast

How to Get Tan Fast

Following instructions on how to get tan fast will give you richly glowing skin quickly, but you need to do it right to ensure that you don’t damage your skin or have uneven coloring. So how exactly do you get a quick tan that does not look bad and is not bad for you? The tips below will help. Before attempting to tan, you need to do some preparations first to ensure a smooth and even tan. This is true whether you choose the natural or cosmetic method. Exfoliate your whole body thoroughly but gently to remove dead cells that will just flake off and prevent the color from getting into your skin. When applying sunscreen or other products, make sure to read the label closely, and then spread it on evenly and thoroughly.

  1. Under the sun. A few hours invested in the effort could give you a nice tan, depending on the condition of your skin and your tendency to tan. You will need to soak in the sun, whether on the beach or on your deck, where you can get the full effects of the sun’s rays on your skin. Check out the UV index during the time you will be out so you can make an estimate of how long you will need to sunbathe: the higher the number, the quicker you will tan.

    e sure to prepare and take necessary precautions so that you end up with a nice looking tan instead of sunburn. Apply sunscreen, preferably one with SPF 20, so that your skin is protected and moisturized during the process; allow the sunscreen to dry and then apply tanning lotion. By the way, be sure that your product says sunscreen and has an SPF count on it; do not use sunblock, which blocks out all rays and thus not give you the tan you’re looking for. Sunbathe between mid-morning until mid-afternoon when the sun is at its hottest.

  2. If your skin tends to tan slowly, or if you burn instead of tanning, then sunbathing is obviously not for you. If this is the case, use products designed to give you the look of a tan without the risks that go with it. Try a bronzer: It comes in powder, lotion, or cream form; is relatively cheap; and definitely quicker than lying in the sun for hours. Another product to try is a spray tan, which you can spray on your skin for a quick, painless tan. Both bronzers and sprays can be applied at home and used as often as you like.

  3. Go to a tanning salon. This may be a more expensive solution, but it’s quick and gives you surer results than doing it yourself. It is best to let the professionals do it. The tanning salon is a safer and surer alternative to a sunbed. Going under a sunbed is not a very surefire way to get a good overall tan unless you know the equipment very well and are very familiar with its use; it is also risky because it exposes you to UV rays, and you could easily stay too long and damage your skin.

These options for getting a quick tan only serve as a guide. The final decision is up to you, depending on your patience, budget, and preferences. Just make sure that whatever option you choose, you have considered the pros and cons and chosen accordingly. You will get a lovely, quick tan, and that healthy, radiant glow you want, just by doing one of the options on how to get tan fast.


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