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How to Get Tan with Fair Skin

How to Get Tan with Fair Skin

Despite warnings that tanning in the sun is harmful to our skin, the sun-kissed look, remains quite popular. Unfortunately, there are some people who only peel and burn every time they try to catch some rays. Redheads and people with fair skin often belong to this group, with the exception of a very few. Genetic disposition somehow causes them to be unable to produce melanin when exposed to UV rays. If you have been wondering how to get tan with fair skin, wonder no more. This article shares three ways to achieve a bronzed complexion without subjecting yourself to UV rays from the sun or from tanning lamps.

  1. When it comes to achieving a tanned look for skin that is easily damaged from sun exposure, the best option is to fake it. Decades ago, fake tans were really horrible and phony-looking, but today’s tanning products are much better. There are three popular options for fake tans: gradual tanner, self-tanning lotions, or spray tans.

  2. As the name implies, gradual tanners won’t turn you into a bronzed goddess with just a single application, and this actually gives you a lot of room to decide just how dark you can afford to be.

    radual tanners are the perfect entry product if you are new to fake tans; they are easy to apply and because they use much less pigment than self-tanning lotions, streaks or uneven areas due to faulty application are less of a risk. Gradual tanners are applied just like regular lotions. Your skin should be clean and slightly damp so that the product will spread easily. You can apply the product daily until you have achieved the color depth that you want. Take note that not all formulations are safe for use on sensitive areas like the face. Check the label before use.

  3. As mentioned, self-tanning products have more pigment than gradual tanners, so you only need one application to get a deep, dark tan. Because it is more pigmented, you really have to choose the right shade that will suit your skin’s tone. It’s best to go just a shade or two darker than your actual color, or you could end up looking unattractively orange or auburn. Self-tanners can leave streaks or splotches if applied unevenly, so practice on an easily-concealed area of the body first before committing yourself. Take note that self-tanners do stain, so wear disposable gloves to protect your palms and keep it away from fabrics and other surfaces. Self-tanning products contain a colorless sugar that reacts with the enzymes of the body; the reaction will take an hour or more to develop, and you will be able to observe how your skin gets darker, almost like magic.

  4. If you would really like a natural-looking tan, then investing in a professional spray tan is really the best choice. Spray tans are applied by airbrush, so even the hard-to-reach areas are covered, and the problem of streaks is minimized. Also, spray tans last longer than other kinds of fake tans, and you don’t have to worry about the pigment staining your clothes. Expert spray tan artists can even give your body a more sculpted look just by cleverly manipulating the placement of the pigment. Spray tans can be quite expensive, but if you’re looking for the best possible effect, this is it.

Knowing how to get tan with fair skin does not have to mean staying out in the sun. Take note that before getting a fake tan, it’s very important to exfoliate your body first, especially the dry areas and where the skin is thicker, like the knees and elbows. Don’t use any body oils or lotions before tanning, since this can create a barrier that will prevent the pigment from getting completely absorbed into the skin surface.  With the proper preparation, you will be able to enjoy a long-lasting, healthy glow without having to worry about the damaging effects from the sun.


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