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how to get tested for HIV

how to get tested for HIV

Peace of mind does not come easy if you’ll just keep on guessing whether you have HIV or not since anyone can get affected by it. You will be more disturbed whenever you have sex without protection or under the influence of drugs. Under any of these circumstances, you should get tested for HIV. Read through this article how to get tested for HIV and act on it immediately especially if you are prone to sexually transmitted diseases, have ever shared needles, have a tattoo, blood transfusions, or any piercing with unsterilized equipment. A negative result is a great relief and signals the start of your journey towards living a life away from HIV by learning more how to reduce the risk of getting infected. If it is the opposite, early treatment can be administered to be able to still live a quality life and be responsible in not transmitting the disease to others. Early detection can also reduce the risks to the baby if you happen to be pregnant. Here’s how to start:

  1. Find a testing center near you. Physicians at clinics and hospitals are discreet enough with HIV test results so you won’t be humiliated if the result is unfavorable for you.

    der the confidentiality laws, only you and your doctor will know about the result. Anonymous testing of HIV is also being offered by laboratories online like Personalabs.com. Your name will be coded in this instance so only you can access the information.

  2. A simple blood test is all it takes to know your HIV status. It will look for HIV antibodies produced by the immune system to fight off the disease which is not enough to destroy it. Remember that it will take three to six months for these antibodies to be detected in the blood. Re-testing will be necessary if you happen to get tested during the window period to be sure.

  3. Pre-test counseling is done privately before the administration of an HIV test. Take this as an opportunity to learn more about the disease. Personal questions may be asked to lead the counselor in preparing you for the possible outcome. A written consent is needed to be able to perform the HIV test on you.

  4. A small amount of blood will be drawn from your arm the same as any blood test. Remember that a negative result does not mean that you can never have it. No one is immune from the infection. Soon after the detection of HIV antibodies, another test will be done to confirm the positive result using the same blood sample. It is not common to have an “indeterminate” result on the second test but sometimes this happens. Re-testing after a month must be carried out.

  5. If you test positive on the second test, your counselor may advise you that your sexual or drug-using partners must be informed so that they themselves can be tested as well. In most countries, treatments and counseling services are supported by the government.  Find out immediately how to access them from your counselor.

One more important detail on how to get tested for HIV is to clarify whether you want it to be anonymous or confidential. Ask questions how your medical records will appear. During an anonymous test, your real name will not be revealed. It will either be coded or under a fictitious name. Confidential tests may also be nominal in which your medical record bears your name or non-nominal where only you and your doctor know to whom the codes refer. Whatever you decide, don’t become discriminated against!


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