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How to Get the Best Airline Deals

How to Get the Best Airline Deals

Airplane ticket prices did not always fluctuate like they do now. A decade or two ago, airplane prices were so rarely changed that most airlines printed them out like menu cards. However, as industry competition became fiercer, many companies chose to play along with the laws of supply and demand in order to maximize profits.  If you’re a consumer who knows how to get the best airline deals though, you can pretty much save a lot of dollars in airfare. Here are some insider tips on scoring the best airfare rates:

  1. Find out how much airline tickets usually go for. You should at least do a baseline comparison of average airfare prices so that you know what a great deal looks like when you do manage to stumble on one.

  2. Sign yourself up for free airfare alerts through listing sites such as TripAdvisor, Hotwire, and Farecompare. These sites will allow you to specify the kinds of deals that you want to be alerted to through your email address. For instance, you can request to be notified only when airfare prices go down for flights to your hometown.

    hat way, you don’t miss airline seat sales even when you’re not actively looking.

  3. You should also sign up to receive emails and offers from as many airlines as you can stand. Because online reservations have become so popular, many airlines are encouraging travelers to book directly through them instead of through travel agencies. Signing up for email lists and newsletters gives you the inside track on promo codes or online-only deals which can give you very significant discounts.

  4. It’s also a great idea to look for airline tweets and other social media posts about pop-up seat sales and special offers especially if you’re hoping to score a really amazing deal at the last minute. Airline companies will often announce almost-too-good-to-be-true deals over social media because they know that it will generate response and hype in a very short time.

  5. Time your travel right. Like we said before, airline prices fluctuate according to supply and demand; if your travel dates fall during slow months, you will enjoy better rates. You will generally pay much less for tickets if you travel during January-February. Most people are all travelled out after the holidays, plus many would rather not travel during the middle of winter. Also, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are the cheapest days to book your flight while Friday and Sunday are the most expensive. You can save even more if you pick red-eye and early morning flights. Obviously, most travelers don’t like having to be at the airport early in the morning—and that’s where you step in.

  6. Don’t book too early or too late. The ideal time to book a travel date is about 7-21 days before your departure. It’s like this: airlines lower ticket prices because they know that it costs them just about the same whether the plane is fully booked or just carrying a handful of passengers. Obviously, they sustain losses rather than profits if a certain flight does not generate enough ticket sales to cover their costs. For flights that have a lot of seats open, they will often lower the fare just to encourage more travelers to book that flight. Booking too early does not give you the advantage of reduced ticket rates.

Apart from being vigilant about seat sales and other airline promos, figuring out how to get the best airline deals is also a matter of luck. There are just times when a good price opens up at a time when you need to fly. Once you do manage to find a deal, grab it before someone else does.


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