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How to Get the Best Flight Prices

How to Get the Best Flight Prices

Travelling for vacation is fun as it is, and it gets even better if you get a good price on your plane tickets. The money you save on the tickets can go to your food or entertainment during your vacation. There are several ways on how to get the best flight prices for your trip. The most common way is to use a website that compares ticket prices, like FareCompare. Those listed below are other ways that will help you maximize the use of the site or provide alternate methods to make sure you will get the best deal.

  1. Book ahead

    This is the first lesson that frequent flyers learn—it always pays to book ahead, 34 days prior to the flight or longer. Once the flight date draws near, the ticket prices rise 30% or more. Note that the airline can regulate the prices depending on demand, so they might take a look at the number of seats that have been bought and raise the prices accordingly. Keep track of the prices of the airline for the same trip, so that when there is a rare chance of the prices being lower than your purchase price, you can call them up and ask for the reduced price.


    You will also notice that ticket discounts are being promoted months to even one year before the departure date. If your travel time is flexible, and you are sure that you will be able to make the flight, purchase your tickets, so you can start saving up for the remaining travel expenses.

  2. Plan your departure and arrival strategically

    Most travelers book to leave on late Friday and return on early Monday, whether within the week or after, to maximize the length of their trip. This means that short trips between Tuesday and Thursday are cheaper. If you plan to stay longer and cannot leave on a weekday, you will notice that it will be cheaper if you leave on a Saturday and return on a Sunday.

    Similarly, travel during off season. Most vacation spots have a peak season; for example, beach destinations have the highest number of tourists during summer. Avoid the crowds and the high ticket prices by buying tickets to fly there two weeks after summer. The weather has not changed too much yet, so you can still enjoy.

    Another way to avoid the rush is to take the very early or very late flight. Most people do not take these red-eye flights, due to the inconvenience to their schedule. If your schedule can accommodate it, you might want to plan your trip around the red-eye flight schedules since the tickets for these are generally cheaper.

  3. Search strategically

    Instead of googling the major airlines and looking at their routes to see if your destination is listed, google the airport to see which airlines go where. This way, you will see even the small airlines that may not have a website or those that don’t spend on flashy ads. Small airlines also offer competitive prices and may provide more personalized service.

  4. Check alternate airports

    Some smaller airports might be in the area close to your destination. Calculate the cost to take a shuttle to your destination city from the alternate airport plus the ticket price and compare that to the ticket price of flying directly. If the cost saved is big enough and the shuttle trip is short, consider buying the tickets to that alternate airport instead. You can also look at this option if you plan to rent a car during your vacation.

Some of the tips listed above on how to get the best flight prices involve spending time comparing prices or shopping around, but it will be worth it since you’re saving money. As you do your research, you will happen across tips on saving money on other aspects of your vacation, such as food or luggage fees; these tips will make you even more excited to travel.


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