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how to get the man you want

how to get the man you want

Whether it is because you think all the good guys are taken, or you just don’t have the confidence to face your fears, there is still a possibility that you can have what you really want in life. If you end up realizing that the good looking person next door is actually the rudest person you ever met, just go on until you finally come across Mr. Right. Before you take everything to the next level, it is advisable that you get to know the guy better. Here are the best tips and approaches on how to get the man you want and deserve.

  1. Never settle for less. It is about looking for someone you can be comfortable with. Settling for less or just for the sake of having someone to call a “partner” can eventually lead to a disaster, which, in turn, can make your life very unhappy. Should it make you feel sad thinking that the man of your dreams is nowhere to be found? The answer is no. Sometimes, waiting for love to come is much better that looking for it. When he comes, you will appreciate the whole of him.

  2. Make yourself a good catch.

    rong> This means you have to work on yourself, so you can be a better person. Since most men adore women who know how to respect themselves, you have to value yourself. Also, it is advisable that you carry yourself with dignity, confidence, and pride. Anger, jealousy, or resentment from an old relationship must not be carried into your present love.

  3. Avoid being clingy. Don’t be too obsessed with him, or else he will no longer be attracted to you. It is unfair to constantly check on where he is, who he is talking with, or who dialed his number. If you do, you are actually slowly pushing him away. Most men need space, especially when they are dealing with a serious matter concerning work. They love a woman who understands easily; someone who does not make him feel guilty.

  4. Stay supportive. He will want you more once you show support in everything he wants to achieve in life. Rather than questioning some of his options, just trust him and tell him that he can do it; let him feel that whatever happens, you are always there to lend a hand. If he needs help on anything, be the first person to offer relief. Doing so will help improve his self-confidence.

  5. Keep your confidence. Most men are turned on and excited to meet classy and confident girls. Thus, you can attract your partner by appearing very smart and witty. Don’t dwell on negative issues like your weight or your imperfect skin. There are men who are not particular on the physical attributes of a woman, but more on how she carries herself and how she deals with life.

  6. Relate to his family. This is very important, especially if he values his family so much. As you get closer to his family, befriend his friends as well. Doing so will send him a message that you want to bring your relationship to a higher level. If he cares about you, he will take you home so you can meet his folks. Even if you are not comfortable with his brat sister, let him feel that his family members matter to you.

If he is not ready for anything serious, you can never force him to settle down with you. In fact, showing him that you want to get married is more difficult to do. However, if you know how to get the man you want, there is no reason why you cannot head towards marriage. If that is what you really want, you should get him to finally tie the knot with you.


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