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how to get the woman you want

how to get the woman you want

How to get the woman you want requires techniques.  Some may take this for granted, but it could be the key to your happiness.  Wanting her is not enough.  Making her want you back will lead to success.  Find out how:

  1. Make the first move.  When you spot her, don’t just stare.  Have the courage to approach her.  You can start with a simple compliment like telling her “You’re beautiful. What’s your name?”  You can also ask a common friend to introduce you.  Women love attention, and making the first move will surely capture her attention.  It will make her think you have confidence.

  2. Make meaningful conversation as soon as you get her attention.  One good interaction will lead to another.  Ask personal questions.  It will make her feel you are very interested in her.  Give bits of information about yourself too.  This will encourage her to reveal more about herself.  When she talks, give her your full attention.

  3. Be confident when talking to her.

    nd make the conversation casual.  Talking this way is enjoyable and makes her feel relaxed too.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  If you do, just stay calm and get over it with a smart comment when you get the chance.

  4. Win her trust.  Make her feel that her secrets are safe with you.  Sharing your secrets with her is good too.  This will give both of you the feeling of closeness when you have opened yourselves up to each other.

  5. Maintain a positive attitude.  A positive person invites good vibes.  Refrain from talking about the negative aspects of your life especially past hurts and failed relationships.  Reserve it for later if you feel you must reveal it.  Focus more on the good aspects and your plans for the future.  Make her feel you would want her to be a part of your life.

  6. Be a good listener.  Women love to talk.  If you sincerely listen, she will talk some more.  This will make her feel relaxed with you.  Encourage her to be a good listener too.  It is good to crack some jokes sometimes to make the conversation light.

  7. Don’t be stingy.  Offer to buy her a drink.  Simple generosity can capture her attention.  Just stick to reality, though. Offer only what you can afford.

  8. Invest on improving yourself.  It will add to your confidence.  If you’re overweight, make the effort to diet and exercise.  Check if you need a haircut or maybe a facial.  Physical appearance is important, as it is what the woman sees first.

  9. Bring the matter to the next level.  You know it when it is working so don’t waste the chance.  Make her agree to a second date.  Be open with your intentions.  If you want her to be your girlfriend, then ask her.  Women love aggressive men.  Starting with the friendship level is not always wise as sometimes women stock up on friends and you might be labelled as just one of them.

  10. Don’t be afraid to fail the first, the second, or the ninth time.  Just learn from the experiences and use them to improve the next time around.  Don’t lose hope; just stay visible.  Some women will not like you right away.  A second look can make her realize you are a good choice.

The effort you exert on how to get the woman you want will bring rewards later.  It can lead to an enjoyable relationship if not a more serious one.  And who knows, it could be for keeps.


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