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how to get through a break up

how to get through a break up

A love relationship is the sweetest thing that anyone can experience. When the love affair is on cloud nine, all challenges are surmountable. When the power of love is at work, everything looks perfect. But, love has two faces: success and break up. Not everyone knows how to get through a break up. Regardless of the causes of the break up, the people directly involved need space and time to heal. Breaking up is just a part of falling in love. It can happen when the relationship becomes unhealthy. When a couple discovers their contrasting characters, ideas, and desires, the relationship can start to get sour. The most challenging part in a relationship is when compromises can no longer be made, which can eventually lead to separation. Nonetheless, there are still ways on how to deal with a break up, and emerge as a better person thereafter.

  1. Think of the causes of the break up. You have to revisit the causes that provoked the break up. Analyze each cause carefully until you are convinced that you have made the right decision.

    Cry if you must in order to unload yourself; just don’t overdo it. Put it in mind that the break up occurred because of legitimate reasons.

  2. Have no doubt in your decision. Once this is said and done, there is no turning back. Avoid entertaining the thought of “what ifs” because it will only bring you regret. Avoid looking back, so you won’t get hurt any further. You have to fully accept the situation as it is and move on freely.

  3. Keep your distance. It won’t help if you and your ex-partner continue to see each other. Even if the break up was on good terms, seeing each other could possibly cause confusion. It is highly recommended that you avoid phone calls, emails, text messages, or communicating through social network sites.

  4. Deal with the pain. There is always pain regardless of the cause of the break up. Pain forms part of the healing process. To be able to deal with it, just accept and take full responsibility for your mistakes or shortcomings. Acceptance is the key in overcoming the pain.

  5. Roll down with the hate phase. Soon after your break up, you will realize some of the things that you shouldn't have done. Since you can no longer make amendments, the realization may lead to self-hatred. If your ex-partner has caused you so much pain, it is possible that you’ll hate that person too. However, you cannot keep on hating, or else you won’t have peace of mind.

  6. Talk to your trusted friends. You can easily get by the situation if you open up to your friends (who are not related in any way to your ex-partner). Your friends can cheer you up, takes you to places you haven’t visited yet, or treat you out. Their helpful gestures can do so much to speed up your recovery process.

  7. Keep away all memory triggers. Things such as pictures, videos, romantic notes, greeting cards, jewelries, and all other memorable items given by your ex-partner must be kept in a separate box so as not to trigger your memory over and over again. You’ll find it very difficult to move on and start anew if you keep on seeing those items around.

  8. Have diversions. Doing physical exercises regularly is a very effective diversion tactic. It will allow you to flush out negative emotions. You can easily cope with your break up when you are mentally and physically fit. Strive to be happy and keep your smile always.

A break up is truly a heart-breaking scenario. However, you have to know how to get through a break up, or else you’ll end up being consumed by your emotions. It is fair to keep in mind that every problem has a corresponding solution, and in every painful situation there is a lesson to learn.


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